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Scheduled Game: @Oregon


Trinity Western000
Oregon213« FINAL


Game Date: 8/13/2014Location: Eugene, Ore.
Game Time: 5:00 pmAttendance: 146
Referee: Bennett Savage, Asst. Referee: Cephas Quartson, Liberty Siegle, Alt. Official: Jose Maciel, Timekeeper: Sam Katzman, Scorer: Anna LaBonte
Trinity WesternOregon
Goal Scorer(s)Archer, Lilly (22) - 6:19
Archer, Lilly (22) - 23:03
Schulz, Miranda (7) - 60:01
Total Goals Scored03
Penalty Goals01
Shots On Target19
Total Shots218
Corner Kicks26
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards00
Other Fouls108
Trinity Western
00O. Christina (GK)90361,5
3C. Stephanie900/00/00
10D. Nunzio, Jenna750/00/00
11K. Jessica730/00/00
26H. Sarah370/00/00
9K. Seina560/00/00
12D. Danae620/00/00
25D. Trocchio, Isabell440/00/00
2G. Amy790/00/00
8C. Kathleen770/00/00
16S. Kristen900/00/00
4A. Natalie320/01/00
5P. Lindsey370/00/00
6O. Alessandra280/00/00
7S. Casandra390/01/10
17V. Leanne280/00/00
19W. Emma530/00/00
25H. Lauren (GK)45000,0
14C. Kiyomi360/00/00
17W. Caitlyn450/00/00
21D. Ryann450/01/10
22A. Lilly*360/02/22
5P. Bri560/02/00
15P. Kristen660/04/20
18S. Shanelle450/00/00
12M. Reilley690/00/00
16S. Riley690/00/00
26R. Allie660/01/00
1H. Halla270/00/00
2S. Ashlee450/00/00
6M. Abby540/01/10
7S. Miranda*540/05/21
9G. Mia450/01/00
10F. Kelsey450/00/00
11T. Brooke210/00/00
19S. Brooke240/01/10
23R. Michelle450/00/00
28H. Zoe340/00/00
31M. Katie180/00/00

Game Recap

Game Recap



TWU Spartans (0) at the UNIVERSITY OREGON DUCKS (3)



EUGENE, Ore. – Senior midfielder Lilly Archer scored a twice as the Oregon Soccer team shutout the Trinity Western Spartans, 3-0, in an exhibition match Wednesday evening at Papé Field in Eugene, Oregon.

Senior midfielder Lilly Archer wasted no time putting the Ducks on the scoreboard. After Oregon was awarded a free kick in front of the goal, senior midfielder Kiyomi Cook tapped the ball to Archer, who shot it cleanly into the net for the 1-0 lead at 6:19.

“The set piece goal was interesting,” said Mertz. “To have an indirect free kick right off the back right inside the 18 – I’ll be honest, we did not work on that. It was great to see the results. Lilly strikes the ball very cleanly. She’s one of our cleanest technical players.”

At 23:03, senior forward Shanelle Simien crossed the ball to junior forward Kristen Parr. As the Trinity Western goalkeeper, Christina Oliverio came out to challenge, the ball found its way to Archer, who made an easy tap in and gave the Ducks a 2-0 lead.

Freshman midfielder Miranda Schulz nearly made it a 3-0 game just before the half as she collected the ball off a cross, but her shot bounced over the net.

Schulz had one of the strongest chances again in the 50th minute as she took a pass from freshman defender Jordan Fleming, but her solid strike went just wide.

After pushing the Spartan defense, Schulz finally found the net with a penalty shot at 58:06, giving Oregon a 3-0 lead.

TWU’s Oliverio played the full 90 in net for the Spartans and made six saves in the loss.

All three backup goalkeepers for the Ducks were able to see action against the Spartans. Sophomore Lauren Holden started the game and played the first half. Freshman Halla Hinriksdóttir started in goal and made a big save on TWU rookie forward Casandra Siveri in the 54th minute. Junior Katie McCormick came on in the 72nd minute and remained on for the rest of the game.

The Ducks recorded 18 shots, nine on goal, while keeping the Spartans to just two shots, with one on target. Oregon made six corner kicks compared to Trinity Western’s two.

The Spartans will now travel to Portland, Oregon to play Concordia University tomorrow evening at 5 p.m.


-source Ducks Sports Information




Trinity Western Period: 1Oregon
Oliverio, Christina at goalie for Trinity Western.00:00
00:00Holden, Lauren at goalie for Oregon.
04:08Shot by ORE Parr, Kristen WIDE.
05:21Corner kick by ORE Archer, Lilly [05:21].
Foul on Trinity Western.
06:19GOAL by ORE Archer, Lilly (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Cook, Kiyomi.
*pass from 14 off free kick
09:29Corner kick by ORE Archer, Lilly [09:29].
09:30Header Shot by ORE Pugh, Bri HIGH.
Foul on Oregon.
Foul on Trinity Western.
21:37Offside against Oregon.
23:03GOAL by ORE Archer, Lilly, Assist by Parr, Kristen and Simien, Shanelle.
*cross from right, tipped in from left when goalie came out
TWU substitution: Silveri, Casandra for Di Trocchio, Isabell.23:00
24:05Shot by ORE Pugh, Bri BLOCKED.
Foul on Trinity Western.
27:39Header Shot by ORE Parr, Kristen WIDE.
32:09Shot by ORE Davie, Ryann, SAVE Oliverio, Christina.
33:29Offside against Oregon.
Foul on Oregon.
35:32ORE substitution: Morrow, Abby for Archer, Lilly.
35:32ORE substitution: Higgins, Zoe for Pugh, Bri.
35:32ORE substitution: Schulz, Miranda for Cook, Kiyomi.
TWU substitution: Pulice, Lindsey for Hannigan, Sarah.37:22
TWU substitution: Weme, Emma for Derksen, Danae.37:22
37:55Corner kick by ORE Simien, Shanelle [37:55].
Foul on Oregon.
Offside against Trinity Western.38:42
Foul on Oregon.
TWU substitution: Arnett, Natalie for Kashima, Seina.41:00
Foul on Trinity Western.
43:04Shot by ORE Schulz, Miranda WIDE.
End of period [45:00].-END-45:00End of period [45:00].-END-
Trinity Western Period: 2Oregon
Start of 2nd period [45:00].45:00Start of 2nd period [45:00].
45:00For ORE: #1 Hinriksdottir, Halla, #2 Schulz, Ashlee, #6 Morrow, Abby, #23 Rockey, Michelle, #12 Moore, Reilley, #9 Gunter, Mia, #7 Schulz, Miranda, #28 Higgins, Zoe, #19 Strawn, Brooke, #10 Foo, Kelsey, #16 Smith, Riley.
For TWU: #5 Pulice, Lindsey, #19 Weme, Emma, #11 King, Jessica, #12 Derksen, Danae, #10 Di Nunzio, Jenna, #8 Chin, Kathleen, #16 Santema, Kristen, #3 Chin, Stephanie, #2 Gartke, Amy, #00 Oliverio, Christina, #7 Silveri, Casandra.45:00
Corner kick by TWU Silveri, Casandra [46:16].46:16
45:00Hinriksdottir, Halla at goalie for Oregon.
Foul on Oregon.
48:58Shot by ORE Strawn, Brooke, SAVE Oliverio, Christina.
49:36Shot by ORE Schulz, Miranda WIDE.
50:34Corner kick by ORE Gunter, Mia [50:34].
Foul on Oregon.
Foul on Oregon.
Corner kick by TWU Silveri, Casandra [53:29].53:29
Shot by TWU Silveri, Casandra, SAVE Hinriksdottir, Halla.53:51
Foul on Trinity Western.
58:06Shot by ORE Morrow, Abby, SAVE Oliverio, Christina.
Foul on Trinity Western.
60:01ORE Schulz, Miranda PENALTY KICK GOAL.
Foul on Trinity Western.
TWU substitution: Verhoeff, Leanne for Chin, Kathleen.61:37
TWU substitution: Arnett, Natalie for Silveri, Casandra.61:37
TWU substitution: Oliverio, Alessandra for King, Jessica.62:17
Foul on Trinity Western.
66:02Header Shot by ORE Schulz, Miranda WIDE.
Foul on Trinity Western.
68:06Shot by ORE Schulz, Miranda, SAVE Oliverio, Christina.
69:09ORE substitution: Tasker, Brooke for Higgins, Zoe.
69:09ORE substitution: Pugh, Bri for Smith, Riley.
69:09ORE substitution: Parr, Kristen for Strawn, Brooke.
69:09ORE substitution: Rodriguez, Allie for Moore, Reilley.
TWU substitution: Di Trocchio, Isabell for Derksen, Danae.69:09
Foul on Trinity Western.
71:55McCormick, Katie at goalie for Oregon.
71:55ORE substitution: McCormick, Katie for Hinriksdottir, Halla.
72:16Shot by ORE Parr, Kristen, SAVE Oliverio, Christina.
73:38Shot by ORE Gunter, Mia WIDE.
TWU substitution: Chin, Kathleen for Pulice, Lindsey.74:33
TWU substitution: Kashima, Seina for Di Nunzio, Jenna.75:19
TWU substitution: King, Jessica for Gartke, Amy.79:12
79:35Corner kick by ORE Gunter, Mia [79:35].
Foul on Oregon.
82:16Shot by ORE Parr, Kristen, SAVE Oliverio, Christina.
82:44Corner kick by ORE Gunter, Mia [82:44].
82:53Shot by ORE Rodriguez, Allie BLOCKED.
Shot by TWU Arnett, Natalie HIGH.83:59
Offside against Trinity Western.85:03
End of period [90:00].-END-90:00End of period [90:00].-END-

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