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Scheduled Game: @Seattle


Trinity Western000
Seattle112« FINAL


Game Date: 8/16/2014Location: Seattle, Wash.
Game Time: 7 pmAttendance: 200
Referee: Christine Suter, Asst. Referee: Christopher Turner, Scott Turner, Timekeeper: Jason Behenna, Scorer: Mollie Hanke
Trinity WesternSeattle
Goal Scorer(s)Kiana Kraft (3) - 24:02
Julia Moravec (27) - 40:48
Total Goals Scored02
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target12
Total Shots312
Corner Kicks27
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards10
Other Fouls55
Trinity Western
00Christina Oliverio (GK)40100,0
1Sophia Traxler (GK)40100,0
10Jenna Di Nunzio800/00/00
11Jessica King510/01/10
3Stephanie Chin800/01/00
17Leanne Verhoeff260/00/00
26Sarah Hannigan290/00/00
9Seina Kashima590/01/00
25Isabella Di Trocchio400/00/00
2Amy Gartke560/00/00
8Kathleen Chin711/00/00
16Kristen Santema800/00/00
1Sophia Traxler400/00/00
4Natalie Arnett400/00/00
5Lindsey Pulice400/00/00
6Alessandra Oliverio290/00/00
7Casandra Silveri210/00/00
12Danae Derksen540/00/00
19Emma Weme230/00/00
21Jennifer Castillo110/00/00
28Jolayne Whitmarsh90/00/00
0Brianna Smallidge (GK)40011,0
6Celia Vaughn590/01/00
9Jennifer Plummer400/01/00
15Natasha Howe400/01/00
5Isabelle Butterfield590/01/00
24Stephanie Verdoia590/01/00
27Julia Moravec*430/01/11
3Kiana Kraft*590/01/11
7Kelly Beck590/00/00
13Madeline Racine610/00/00
18Alyssa Campagna610/02/00
00Aris Coover250/00/00
2Sunshine Soriano370/01/00
14Sarah Coluccio210/00/00
16Emily Postma210/00/00
17Denise Garcia400/00/00
19Jacqui Wallis400/00/00
20Rosalie Sittauer400/00/00
22Sydney Carlson210/01/00
25Mariah O'Neil400/01/00
34Abby Bouck150/00/00

Game Recap

Game Recap




SEATTLE – The Trinity Western University women’s soccer team lost to the Seattle University Redhawks 2-0 in an 80 minute match Saturday evening at Championship field in Seattle. The loss drops the Spartans to 0-2 in preseason play against NCAA Div. 1 schools.

The home squad opened the scoring in the 25th minute when Kiana Kraft converted a cross from Stephanie Verdoia to give the Redhawks a 1-0 lead. The goal would be the lone marker of the first half.

The Spartans had pressure for the equalizer late in the opening frame, but Seina Kashima’s shot in the 39th minute was blocked and Jessica Kings shot in the 40th minute was deflected by Seattle keeper Brianna Smallidge. TWU was unable to convert the ensuing corner kick from Isabella Di Trocchio.

Less than a minute into the second frame Seattle got the insurance goal when Julia Moravec headed a cross from Verdoia to make the score 2-0 in the 41st minute.

TWU’s third year keeper Christina Oliverio and rookie keeper Sophia Traxler split the goal tending duties in the shortened match for the Spartans, while Seattle’s backstopping was split between Brianna Smallidge (40 mins), Aris Coover (25 mins) and Abby Bouck (15 mins).

Seattle had the edge over Trinity Western in most offensive categories. The Redhawks had a 12-3 edge in shots, and a 7-2 edge in corner kicks.

Next up for the Spartans is a trip to California where they will play Biola on August 18, Westmont on August 19 and Azusa Pacific on August 22 before returning home. TWU’s lone home preseason match is on August 27 when they will host NCAA Div. II Western Washington University.

Match Notes: Seattle is the defending Western Athletic Conference (WAC) regular season and tournament champions, while TWU is the defending CIS national champions…




Trinity Western Period: 1Seattle
Christina Oliverio at goalie for Trinity Western.00:00
00:00Brianna Smallidge at goalie for Seattle U.
01:29Corner kick by SU Natasha Howe [01:29].
02:00Shot by SU Jennifer Plummer HIGH.
03:35Shot by SU Alyssa Campagna BLOCKED.
03:56Corner kick by SU Natasha Howe [03:56].
04:04Header Shot by SU Alyssa Campagna WIDE.
Foul on Trinity Western.
09:27Offside against Seattle U.
Foul on Seattle U.
Offside against Trinity Western.11:45
Offside against Trinity Western.12:33
13:40Shot by SU Natasha Howe HIGH.
TWU substitution: Jennifer Castillo for Sarah Hannigan.14:00
14:29Offside against Seattle U.
Shot by TWU Stephanie Chin BLOCKED.15:20
Foul on Trinity Western.
Foul on Seattle U.
19:54Shot by SU Isabelle Butterfield BLOCKED.
20:25Offside against Seattle U.
21:39Offside against Seattle U.
Foul on Trinity Western.
24:02GOAL by SU Kiana Kraft (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Stephanie Verdoia.
*Cross to right side and in the left side of net
24:22SU substitution: Sunshine Soriano for Julia Moravec.
TWU substitution: Emma Weme for Jennifer Castillo.25:12
TWU substitution: Danae Derksen for Leanne Verhoeff.26:21
28:05Offside against Seattle U.
Foul on Seattle U.
30:17Corner kick by SU Natasha Howe [30:17].
Foul on Trinity Western.
33:30Shot by SU Celia Vaughn WIDE.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by TWU Seina Kashima BLOCKED.38:09
Shot by TWU Jessica King, SAVE Brianna Smallidge.39:00
Corner kick by TWU Isabella Di Trocchio [39:21].39:21
End of period [40:00].-END-40:00End of period [40:00].-END-
Trinity Western Period: 2Seattle
Start of 2nd period [40:00].40:00Start of 2nd period [40:00].
40:00For SU: #7 Kelly Beck, #24 Stephanie Verdoia, #6 Celia Vaughn, #5 Isabelle Butterfield, #19 Jacqui Wallis, #27 Julia Moravec, #25 Mariah O'Neil, #00 Aris Coover, #17 Denise Garcia, #3 Kiana Kraft, #20 Rosalie Sittauer.
For TWU: #9 Seina Kashima, #11 Jessica King, #10 Jenna Di Nunzio, #12 Danae Derksen, #4 Natalie Arnett, #1 Sophia Traxler, #3 Stephanie Chin, #8 Kathleen Chin, #2 Amy Gartke, #16 Kristen Santema, #5 Lindsey Pulice.40:00
Sophia Traxler at goalie for Trinity Western.40:00
40:00Aris Coover at goalie for Seattle U.
40:48Header GOAL by SU Julia Moravec, Assist by Stephanie Verdoia.
*Header in middle after cross from 24
42:49Offside against Seattle U.
Foul on Seattle U.
45:16Offside against Seattle U.
Corner kick by TWU Jenna Di Nunzio [47:50].47:50
50:47Shot by SU Mariah O'Neil WIDE.
TWU substitution: Alessandra Oliverio for Jessica King.50:53
54:00Corner kick by SU Natasha Howe [54:00].
54:05Header Shot by SU Stephanie Verdoia WIDE.
Yellow card on TWU Kathleen Chin.55:31
TWU substitution: Sarah Hannigan for Amy Gartke.55:45
57:11Offside against Seattle U.
58:31SU substitution: Sydney Carlson for Stephanie Verdoia.
58:31SU substitution: Alyssa Campagna for Kiana Kraft.
58:31SU substitution: Emily Postma for Celia Vaughn.
58:31SU substitution: Sarah Coluccio for Julia Moravec.
58:31SU substitution: Madeline Racine for Kelly Beck.
58:31SU substitution: Sunshine Soriano for Isabelle Butterfield.
TWU substitution: Casandra Silveri for Seina Kashima.58:31
59:01Corner kick by SU Mariah O'Neil [59:01].
59:06Header Shot by SU Sunshine Soriano BLOCKED.
59:59Corner kick by SU Mariah O'Neil [59:59].
60:04Offside against Seattle U.
Foul on Seattle U.
64:46SU substitution: Abby Bouck for Aris Coover.
64:56Abby Bouck at goalie for Seattle U.
69:35Corner kick by SU Mariah O'Neil [69:35].
69:37Shot by SU Sydney Carlson BLOCKED.
TWU substitution: Jolayne Whitmarsh for Sarah Hannigan.70:46
TWU substitution: Emma Weme for Kathleen Chin.71:26
End of period [80:00].-END-80:00End of period [80:00].-END-

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