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Scheduled Game: @Biola


Trinity Western (BC)101« FINAL


Game Date: 8/18/2014Location: La Mirada, CA
Game Time: 3:30 pmAttendance: 32
Trinity Western (BC)Biola
Goal Scorer(s)Alessandra Oliverio (6) - 25:24
Total Goals Scored10
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target66
Total Shots1412
Corner Kicks55
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards00
Other Fouls84
Trinity Western (BC)
22Rachel Sydor (GK)90051,4
6Alessandra Oliverio*700/04/21
13Vanessa Kovacs280/01/00
26Sarah Hannigan600/00/00
4Natalie Arnett680/00/00
7Casandra Silveri900/01/10
12Danae Derksen680/00/00
5Lindsey Pulice680/01/00
8Kathleen Chin450/01/00
21Jennifer Castillo210/00/00
28Jolayne Whitmarsh900/00/00
2Amy Gartke220/00/00
3Stephanie Chin300/00/00
10Jenna Di Nunzio200/00/00
17Leanne Verhoeff620/01/00
18Vanessa Wiebe690/00/00
19Emma Weme70/04/20
20Megan Theroux450/00/00
25Isabella Di Trocchio450/01/10
00W. Briana (GK)31111,0
6S. Miranda600/02/20
14L. Amanda600/00/00
18B. Jessie610/01/00
19R. Ashley630/00/00
20O. Amanda450/00/00
22S. Adeline700/02/10
23V. Taylor600/02/20
4C. Michelle690/00/00
7W. Kayla470/00/00
17B. Anna670/00/00
0J. Amanda140/00/00
1R. Marina450/00/00
3G. Margaret270/01/10
5D. Shea430/01/00
9L. Alexis300/01/00
10M. McKenna250/02/00
11Z. Mariah230/00/00
12G. Rachel230/00/00
15c. Brittni210/00/00
16D. Andrea300/00/00
21N. Catherine360/00/00
24C. Leanna210/00/00
26V. Samantha90/00/00
27M. Janae90/00/00

Game Recap

Game Recap




MIRADA, California – The Trinity Western University women’s soccer team got their first win of the 2014 pre-season with a 1-0 win over the Biola University Eagles Monday afternoon in Mirada, California. The win moves the Spartans to 1-2 in preseason play against NCCA schools.

“It was a good exercise and we got lots of minutes for kids who had not played much so far. Overall it was a good pre-season game,” commented TWU head coach Graham Roxburgh.

Third year midfielder Alessandra Oliverio (Calgary) got the lone marker for the Spartans, while rookie keeper Rachel Sydor (Tsawwassen, BC) made five saves and played the full 90 minutes to earn the shut-out victory.

The goaltending duties for the Eagles were split between Briana Williams, Amanda Johnson and Marina Rodriguez, who each played 30 minutes. The trio finished with five saves for Biola. 

The lone goal of the match came in the 26th minute when Oliverio converted a cross from 10 yards out from first year forward Natalie Arnett (Calgary).

TWU started strong and out shot Biola 9-1 in the first half, while the Eagles responded in the second half to outshot the Spartans 11-5 to give TWU the 14-12 edge in the match. Oliverio and rookie defender Emma Weme ( Sandpoint, Idaho) led the Spartans with four shots each, while the Eagles had four players with two shots each. 

Both teams finished with five corner kicks.

The Spartans will continue their pre-season California tour tomorrow afternoon with a 4 p.m. match against Westmont University. 




Trinity Western (BC) Period: 1Biola
Rachel Sydor at goalie for Trinity Western (BC).00:00
00:00WILLIAMS, Briana at goalie for Biola.
Corner kick by TWUW Casandra Silveri [01:35].01:35
Shot by TWUW Alessandra Oliverio WIDE LEFT.02:12
Foul on Trinity Western (BC).
Foul on Trinity Western (BC).
Corner kick by TWUW Casandra Silveri [09:13].09:13
Shot by TWUW Kathleen Chin WIDE LEFT.09:24
Corner kick by TWUW Casandra Silveri [10:22].10:22
Shot by TWUW Lindsey Pulice BLOCKED.10:33
Foul on Trinity Western (BC).
Shot by TWUW Alessandra Oliverio, SAVE WILLIAMS, Briana.14:21
Corner kick by TWUW Casandra Silveri [16:31].16:31
TWUW substitution: Vanessa Wiebe for Jennifer Castillo.20:48
Foul on Trinity Western (BC).
23:22Offside against Biola.
Shot by TWUW Vanessa Kovacs HIGH.24:40
GOAL by TWUW Alessandra Oliverio (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Natalie Arnett, goal number 1 for season.25:24
*Cross into the box for an attempt from 10 yards
TWUW substitution: Leanne Verhoeff for Vanessa Kovacs.27:40
Shot by TWUW Alessandra Oliverio HIGH.28:47
30:31JOHNSON, Amanda at goalie for Biola.
Corner kick by TWUW Casandra Silveri [30:49].30:49
Shot by TWUW Casandra Silveri, SAVE JOHNSON, Amanda.31:55
33:26Shot by BU STARBECK, Miranda, SAVE Rachel Sydor.
TWUW substitution: Emma Weme for Danae Derksen.38:00
38:00BU substitution: GUADARRAMA, Margaret for STARBECK, Miranda.
38:00BU substitution: MARMELSTEIN, McKenna for BURNS, Jessie.
38:00BU substitution: LEE, Alexis for VENEGAS, Taylor.
Foul on Biola.
Shot by TWUW Emma Weme, SAVE JOHNSON, Amanda.41:52
End of period [45:00].-END-45:00End of period [45:00].-END-
Trinity Western (BC) Period: 2Biola
Start of 2nd period [45:00].45:00Start of 2nd period [45:00].
For TWUW: #22 Rachel Sydor, #18 Vanessa Wiebe, #28 Jolayne Whitmarsh, #17 Leanne Verhoeff, #26 Sarah Hannigan, #25 Isabella Di Trocchio, #7 Casandra Silveri, #10 Jenna Di Nunzio, #5 Lindsey Pulice, #4 Natalie Arnett, #20 Megan Theroux.45:00
45:00For BU: #1 RODRIGUEZ, Marina, #10 MARMELSTEIN, McKenna, #14 LILLICROP, Amanda, #21 NEWBERRY, Catherine, #5 DAVIS, Shea, #11 ZIEMER, Mariah, #9 LEE, Alexis, #3 GUADARRAMA, Margaret, #18 BURNS, Jessie, #12 GILES, Rachel, #4 CLARK, Michelle.
Foul on Biola.
48:56Shot by BU GUADARRAMA, Margaret, SAVE Rachel Sydor.
51:11Corner kick by BU LILLICROP, Amanda [51:11].
Foul on Biola.
Shot by TWUW Isabella Di Trocchio, SAVE JOHNSON, Amanda.54:58
Foul on Trinity Western (BC).
57:52Corner kick by BU LILLICROP, Amanda [57:52].
58:43Shot by BU BURNS, Jessie BLOCKED.
58:45Shot by BU LEE, Alexis HIGH.
60:00RODRIGUEZ, Marina at goalie for Biola.
TWUW substitution: Danae Derksen for Natalie Arnett.60:00
60:00BU substitution: DEVERE, Andrea for CLARK, Michelle.
60:00BU substitution: cOFFEEN, Brittni for LILLICROP, Amanda.
60:00BU substitution: CRENSHAW, Leanna for MARMELSTEIN, McKenna.
TWUW substitution: Stephanie Chin for Sarah Hannigan.60:00
Shot by TWUW Emma Weme WIDE LEFT.61:24
64:51BU substitution: SALDANA, Adeline for GUADARRAMA, Margaret.
TWUW substitution: Alessandra Oliverio for Jenna Di Nunzio.64:51
Foul on Trinity Western (BC).
TWUW substitution: Amy Gartke for Lindsey Pulice.68:17
68:17BU substitution: STARBECK, Miranda for GILES, Rachel.
68:17BU substitution: BARRETT, Anna for ZIEMER, Mariah.
68:17BU substitution: RAMIREZ, Ashley for BURNS, Jessie.
68:17BU substitution: VENEGAS, Taylor for LEE, Alexis.
Shot by TWUW Leanne Verhoeff WIDE LEFT.72:45
Shot by TWUW Emma Weme BLOCKED.73:26
73:44Offside against Biola.
Foul on Trinity Western (BC).
76:40Shot by BU STARBECK, Miranda, SAVE Rachel Sydor.
79:48Shot by BU SALDANA, Adeline BLOCKED.
80:56BU substitution: VERDUZCO, Samantha for CRENSHAW, Leanna.
80:56BU substitution: CLARK, Michelle for NEWBERRY, Catherine.
80:56BU substitution: MEGORDEN, Janae for cOFFEEN, Brittni.
TWUW substitution: Natalie Arnett for Lindsey Pulice.81:53
Foul on Trinity Western (BC).
Shot by TWUW Emma Weme, SAVE RODRIGUEZ, Marina.82:17
83:43Shot by BU DAVIS, Shea WIDE LEFT.
84:43Shot by BU VENEGAS, Taylor, SAVE Rachel Sydor.
Foul on Biola.
86:46BU substitution: MARMELSTEIN, McKenna for RAMIREZ, Ashley.
88:14Shot by BU VENEGAS, Taylor, SAVE TEAM.
88:21BU substitution: WHITE, Kayla for DAVIS, Shea.
88:32Corner kick by BU LILLICROP, Amanda [88:32].
88:39Shot by BU SALDANA, Adeline, SAVE Rachel Sydor.
89:40Corner kick by BU SALDANA, Adeline [89:40].
89:57Corner kick by BU SALDANA, Adeline [89:57].
90:00Header Shot by BU MARMELSTEIN, McKenna HIGH.
End of period [90:00].-END-90:00End of period [90:00].-END-

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