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Scheduled Game: @Westmont


Trinity Western000
Westmont (Calif.)314« FINAL


Game Date: 8/19/2014Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Game Time: 4:00 p.m.Attendance: 98
Referee: Luis Gutierrez, Asst. Referee: Ciro Arroyo, Alt. Official: Vicente Lozada, Timekeeper: , Scorer: Ron Smith
Trinity WesternWestmont (Calif.)
Goal Scorer(s)Sofia Smati (19) - 08:03
Kaci Mexico (9) - 44:43
Kelsey Steck (17) - 52:10
Total Goals Scored04
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target37
Total Shots1411
Corner Kicks44
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards00
Other Fouls47
Trinity Western
10Jenna Di Nunzio900/00/00
11Jessica King280/01/00
13Vanessa Kovacs730/04/00
1Sophia Traxler900/00/00
9Seina Kashima750/03/30
14Krista Gommeringer240/00/00
2Amy Gartke900/00/00
3Stephanie Chin820/00/00
8Kathleen Chin700/00/00
16Kristen Santema900/01/00
21Jennifer Castillo380/00/00
4Natalie Arnett340/02/00
6Alessandra Oliverio290/01/00
7Casandra Silveri320/00/00
12Danae Derksen330/01/00
17Leanne Verhoeff170/00/00
18Vanessa Wiebe520/00/00
19Emma Weme200/00/00
25Isabella Di Trocchio150/01/00
26Sarah Hannigan80/00/00
Westmont (Calif.)
6Courtney Stonesifer900/00/00
10Tiffany Dimaculangan900/01/00
0Lauren Dorr690/00/00
4Mallory Mitchell300/00/00
7Christine Adams570/02/00
9Kaci Mexico*740/01/11
19Sofia Smati*440/03/31
8Sophie Judd900/00/00
16Grace Lemley360/00/00
18Sophie Fuller900/00/00
26Angela Brown620/00/00
00Amber Rojas210/00/00
2Destinee Adams440/00/00
3Carly Holly510/02/10
12Renee Gonsalves280/00/00
17Kelsey Steck*600/01/11
22Carly Richardson380/01/00
25Kaitlin Swift160/00/00

Game Recap

Game Recap




SANTA BARBARA, California – The No. 2 Westmont College women's soccer season kicked off their 2014 season with a 4-0 victory over the Trinity Western University Spartans (1-3) today at Thorrington Field in Santa Barbara, California

Despite the one sided score the pace of play and possession was more equal than the final margin would indicate. Trinity Western outshot Wesmont 14 to 11, with each team earning four corner kicks.

“It is disappointing that we missed an opportunity to give a very good team a good game. We started well and looked to have the better chances early on. In the second half I thought we had the edge in play, but we failed to clear a ball which they capitalized on. Again we had three or four really quality chances and just did not bury them. Otherwise the game would have looked different and the score would have been different,” commented TWU head coach Graham Roxburgh. “But we had some good performances today and unfortunately we came out with a 4-0 loss, which did not have to be a 4-0 loss.”

Sofia Smati struck first with what coach Kiely referred to as a 'fantastic goal' in the ninth minute of play. The senior forward corralled a loose ball and fired away from 23 yards out to record the first goal of the Warriors' season.

Westmont went up 2-0 in the 29th minute after sophomore Grace Lemley crossed the ball from the right side in an attempt to connect with senior forward Carly Holly. A Spartan defender attempted to intercept the ball, but her header redirected the ball into the net for an own goal.

With just 17 seconds remaining before halftime, sophomore Sophie Fuller, who was playing at outside back in today's game, crossed a ball from the left touch line. Senior forward Kaci Mexico headed Fuller's pass into the net to give the Warriors a 3-0 lead.

The final goal came in the 53rd minute with Kelsey Steck rounding up a loose ball and scoring from 12 yards out.

"On the positive side, we scored goals," said Westmont head coach Kristi Kiely. "In the exhibition games, the question was, 'How are goals going to come?' Now, we head into the non-conference season feeling pretty good about our ability to score goals. The goals were what we have been working on and how we scripted them.

"I appreciate that the spine of our team was so strong today," continued the coach. "We certainly have some kinks to work out and we will get better. For both players and coaches alike, even though it was a 4-0 win, it certainly didn't feel that way. Trinity had some chances that they missed and it very well could have been a much tighter result. We will look to get better as we head into the game with Northwest (Wash.) on Saturday."

TWU rookie keeper Sophia Traxler played the full ninety minutes in net for the Spartans, while Lauren Dorr (70 min) and Amber Rojas (20 min) split the backstopping duties for the Warriors. Traxler finished with three saves, while Westmont finished with three total saves.

The Spartans are currently 1-2 on their California tour after last night’s 1-0 win over Biola University. TWU concludes their four match tour of California on Friday, August 22 at 7 p.m. PST against Azusa Pacific.

Match Notes: The Warriors learned earlier in the day that they were ranked at number two in the NAIA Preseason Coaches' Poll.




Trinity Western Period: 1Westmont (Calif.)
00:00Lauren Dorr at goalie for Westmont (Calif.)
Sophia Traxler at goalie for Trinity Western00:00
Offside against TWU.02:03
04:27Foul on Westmont (Calif.).
Corner kick by TWU Krista Gommeringer[04:45].04:45
Header HDR by TWU Vanessa Kovacs WIDE LEFT.05:13
Foul on Trinity Western.05:36
06:00SHOT by WC Sofia Smati, SAVE Sophia Traxler.
08:03GOAL by WC Sofia Smati, goal number 1 for season.
08:03Kick from 23 yards out in center
SHOT by TWU Vanessa Kovacs WIDE RIGHT.10:23
16:00Header HDR by WC Sofia Smati, SAVE Sophia Traxler.
16:45Offside against WC.
Foul on Trinity Western.19:36
Foul on Trinity Western.23:00
23:53Foul on Westmont (Calif.).
TWU substitution: Casandra Silveri for Krista Gommeringer.24:26
24:26WC substitution: Carly Holly for Mallory Mitchell.
24:26WC substitution: Kelsey Steck for Christine Adams.
SHOT by TWU Jessica King BLOCKED.26:06
TWU substitution: Danae Derksen for Jessica King.28:28
29:30WC substitution: Carly Richardson for Sofia Smati.
33:06Corner kick by WC Angela Brown[33:06].
33:38Header HDR by WC Carly Richardson HIGH.
35:21Foul on Westmont (Calif.).
35:50WC substitution: Destinee Adams for Grace Lemley.
TWU substitution: Vanessa Wiebe for Jennifer Castillo.37:56
SHOT by TWU Seina Kashima, SAVE Lauren Dorr.39:37
Corner kick by TWU Casandra Silveri[39:50].39:50
SHOT by TWU Danae Derksen HIGH.40:43
41:05Foul on Westmont (Calif.).
Corner kick by TWU Casandra Silveri[42:56].42:56
44:43Header GOAL by WC Kaci Mexico, Assist by Sophie Fuller, goal number 1 for season.
44:43Cross from left side
End of period [45:00].-END-45:00End of period [45:00].-END-
Trinity Western Period: 2Westmont (Calif.)
SHOT by TWU Vanessa Kovacs BLOCKED.47:38
SHOT by TWU Vanessa Kovacs HIGH.47:47
50:19SHOT by WC Carly Holly, SAVE Sophia Traxler.
51:05Corner kick by WC Angela Brown[51:05].
51:41Corner kick by WC Angela Brown[51:41].
52:10GOAL by WC Kelsey Steck, goal number 1 for season.
52:18Shot from 12 yards out
Offside against TWU.53:21
54:56SHOT by WC Carly Holly BLOCKED.
55:10Corner kick by WC Angela Brown[55:10].
55:36SHOT by WC Tiffany Dimaculangan HIGH.
TWU substitution: Natalie Arnett for Casandra Silveri.55:58
SHOT by TWU Seina Kashima, SAVE Lauren Dorr.56:36
57:39WC substitution: Christine Adams for Carly Richardson.
SHOT by TWU Natalie Arnett WIDE RIGHT.60:56
TWU substitution: Alessandra Oliverio for Danae Derksen.61:19
61:32WC substitution: Renee Gonsalves for Angela Brown.
64:06Offside against WC.
Foul on Trinity Western.65:51
66:27SHOT by WC Christine Adams BLOCKED.
68:36Foul on Westmont (Calif.).
SHOT by TWU Alessandra Oliverio WIDE RIGHT.69:20
69:27Amber Rojas at goalie for Westmont (Calif.)
TWU substitution: Emma Weme for Kathleen Chin.69:42
SHOT by TWU Seina Kashima, SAVE Amber Rojas.72:09
TWU substitution: Leanne Verhoeff for Vanessa Kovacs.73:25
73:47WC substitution: Kaitlin Swift for Kaci Mexico.
TWU substitution: Isabella Di Trocchio for Seina Kashima.75:00
75:23WC substitution: Sofia Smati for Carly Holly.
76:21SHOT by WC Christine Adams HIGH.
SHOT by TWU Kristen Santema WIDE RIGHT.77:10
77:44Foul on Westmont (Calif.).
79:49WC substitution: Carly Richardson for Destinee Adams.
81:14Foul on Westmont (Calif.).
TWU substitution: Sarah Hannigan for Stephanie Chin.81:55
Corner kick by TWU Isabella Di Trocchio[82:08].82:08
SHOT by TWU Isabella Di Trocchio WIDE LEFT.82:31
84:07WC substitution: Mallory Mitchell for Kelsey Steck.
SHOT by TWU Natalie Arnett WIDE LEFT.87:48
End of period [90:00].-END-90:00End of period [90:00].-END-

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