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Craig Montgomery, Ph.D.

Professor; Chair, Department of Chemistry

  • Education

    B.Sc. Chemistry (McMaster University); Ph.D. Chemistry (University of Western Ontario)

  • Memberships & Affiliations

    • Canadian Society for Chemistry
    • SFU Adjunct Professor of Chemistry
  • Courses Taught at TWU

    CHEM 111/112 Principles of Chemistry

    CHEM 230        Inorganic Chemistry

    CHEM 341/342  Advanced Physical Chemistry

    CHEM 431        Advanced Inorganic Chemistry


  • Area of Research

    Currently my research involves the synthesis and characterization of metallophosphoranes, five-coordinate phosphorus compounds where one substituent is a transition metal.  We have devised a novel route to such compounds that involves lithiation of the hydrido phosphorane 1 and subsequent metathesis with a transition metal halide.  Characterization is done by NMR and X-ray crystallography.

Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

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