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Dr. Geraldine Jordan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Geography and Environmental Studies

  • Biography

    Dr. Geraldine Jordan is an assistant professor in Geography and Environmental Studies at TWU. She teaches Geography and Environmental Studies courses including environmental science, geographic information systems (GIS) and physical geography.

  • Education

    B.Sc. (Hons.)(Lakehead); M.Sc. (Victoria); Ph.D. (Simon Fraser)

  • Recent Publications

    Jordan, G., 2014. Elimination communication as colic therapy. Medical Hypotheses. 83:282-285.

    Jordan, G.,  2014  EC: Effects on Unexplained Crying.  Heath Geography Lab Report.

    Grillet, M., G. Jordan, and M.-J. Fortin, 2010. State transition detection in the spatio-temporal incidence of malaria. Spatial and Spatio-temporal Epidemiology 1: 251-259.

    Jordan, G., M-J. Fortin and K. Lertzman, 2008. Spatial pattern and persistence of historical fire boundaries in southern interior British Columbia   Environmental and Ecological Statistics 15:523–535 [online URL:]

    Jordan, G., M-J. Fortin and K. Lertzman, 2005. Assessing spatial uncertainty associated with forest fire boundary delineation. Landscape Ecology 20: 719-731.

    Jordan, G. and M.-J. Fortin, 2002. Scale and topology in the ecological economics sustainability paradigm. International Journal of Ecological Economics 41:361-366.

  • Courses Taught at TWU

    GEOG/ENVS 121 Earth and Atmospheric Science

    GEOG/ENVS 131 Global Environmental Issues

    GEOG/ENVS 282 Geographic Information Systems

    GEOG/ENVS 382 Applied GIS

    GEOG/ENVS 341 Resource Management


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

Department or Program:

Geography, and Environmental Studies
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