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Imbenzi George, M.A., Ph.D. (cand)

Sessional Assistant Professor of Graduate Program, MA Leadership; Advisor

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    Imbenzi George, President/ Chief Executive Officer of MYERT Corps Inc. since 1995 to Present within the provision of employment service delivery contracts on behalf of both Federal and Provincial government ministries on disbursement of Contract agreements inthe area of employment and human development.

    Appointed by the Kenyan government, as a Honorary Consul General in order to oversee and safeguard the welfare of its nationals and corporate bodies in Canada, as well as its economic, trade, tourism, cultural, investment, commercial, scientific, education and other interests and relations to Western Canadian provinces.

    On the global front he has continued to engage and advise partners in developing nations by assisting with development projects. In so doing, new synergies have been put into place to allow for the best possible service for his mutual clients and overseas partners. A proven visionary and a strategic servant-leader that translates business strategies in the social sector field into successful maximum outcomes commensurate with the best interest of public, private sector, customers, and employees. An expert in enhancing organizational vision; developing strategic entrepreneurial and global development initiatives; and growing each segment of a high-quality management portfolio. Very knowledgeable of both foreign and public policy regulations and proven track record of implementing the necessary controls to ensure compliance in diplomatic engagements. Dedicated to maintaining a reputation built on servant-leadership, quality, service, and uncompromising ethics.

    Imbenzi has a diverse educational background including an Advanced University Degree in Social Sciences, with the focal point in the field of Foreign/ Public Policy and Administration, Master of Arts in Leadership (Business); Advanced Certification in Global Peace Operations (Masters Level) and Certified Strong Interest Inventory Practitioner. Most recently, Imbenzi has been inducted to the prestigious Pi Alpha 2011, with top academic standings in the Ph.D. Public Policy and Administration program at Walden University (US) and standing member of the American Society of Public Administration.

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MA Leadership