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Stephen Dunning, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English

  • Biography

    Dr. Stephen Dunning specializes in both Canadian and contemporary British literature, but has interests in a broad range of subjects, from the Inklings and young adult fantasy to the effects of technology on culture.  He is the author of The Crisis and the Quest: A Kierkegaardian Reading of Charles Williams, as well as articles on Canadian literature and the Inklings. Currently, his research projects include Guy Vanderhaeghe, Graham Swift, Rene Girard and C. S. Lewis.  In these, he continues exploring the links between theological consciousness and aesthetic production. Dr. Dunning is the co-director of the Inklings Institute of Canada. 

  • Education

    B.A. (Hons.), M.A. in English Literature (University of Ottawa); Ph.D. in English Literature (University of Cambridge).

  • Recent Publications


    Dunning, Stephen. The Crisis and the Quest: A Kierkegaardian Reading of Charles Williams. Carlisle, Cumbria: Paternoster Press, 2000.


    Dunning, Stephen, and Jens Zimmermann. “Recovering from Multiversity Babel: The Possibility of a Christian University in Canada.” Forthcoming Love, Knowledge, and the University. Ed. John S. North. Waterloo, ON: North Waterloo Academic Press, 2014.  45-50.

    Dunning, Stephen. "Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake: The Terror of the Therapeutic." Canadian Literature 186 (Autumn 2005): 86-101.

    Dunning, Stephen. "Charles Williams and Owen Barfield: Common (and Uncommon) Ground." SEVEN: An Anglo-American Literary Review 21 (2004): 11-30.


School of Graduate Studies, and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department or Program:

MA Interdisciplinary Humanities, and English
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