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Vic Cavalli, M.A.

Assistant Professor of English

  • Biography

    Professor Vic Cavalli brings to the English Department expertise in both early-modern religious literature and in creative writing.  His research on Robert Southwell has been published in Recusant History, Faith & Reason, and Ushaw Magazine.  His poetry, short fiction, photography, and visual art have been published in literary journals in Canada, the United States, England, North Africa, and Australia.

  • Education

    B.A. (St. Thomas University); M.A. (University of British Columbia)

  • Recent Publications

    Scholarly Articles

     “St. Robert Southwell’s Educational Context: The Influence of Bellarmine, Suarez, and Estella,” Faith & Reason 29.1 (Spring 2004): 1-18

     “Diego de Estella and St. Robert Southwell, S. J.,” Ushaw Magazine Final Edition (1993-94): 42-51.

     “St. Robert Southwell, S. J.: A Selective Bibliographical Supplement to the Studies of Pierre Janelle and James H. McDonald,” Recusant History 21.3 (May 1993): 297-304.

    Creative Writing: Fiction and Poetry

    “The Grace of a Happy Death,” This Great Society 30 (Dec. 2012).

     “Vic Cop’s Wife,” This Great Society 26 (February, 2012). 

    "Taking Root," in Bellow Literary Journal 1  (December 2011).

    “The Sleeve,” Mars’ Hill 16.5 (November 23, 2011).

    “The Truck Repair,” Third Wednesday (Fall2011).

    “The Piercing,” Stanley the Whale 3 (Summer 2011).

    “The Tree Stand,” Stanley the Whale 2 (Spring 2011).

    “The Foxey Lady File,” [spaces] 5 (Spring 2011).

    "Time" in Cirque Journal 1.3 (Winter Solstice 2010).

    “The Tow Truck,” Cirque Journal 1.2 (June 2010).

    “The Wedding Night,” Cirque Journal 1.1(Winter Solstice 2009).

     “Living with Killers,” Dappled Things (Advent/Christmas 2008).

    “Deep Purple Live,” The Louden Singletree (Fall 2008).

    “Dried Corn,” The Gentle Strength Quarterly (Fall 2008).

    “A Story Before Falling Asleep” and “On Stage with Living Sacrifice,” The Arabesques Review, Dreams Edition (Fall 2007).

    “The $200.00 Cap,” filling station 39 (Summer 2007).

    “The Thirty Second Lecture,” The New Quarterly 98 (Spring 2006).

    “Remembered Fire,” A Golden Morning (Spring 2005).

    “In an Old Folks’ Home with Jeff Beck,” The Wascana Review (Summer 2004).

    “On Holy Thursday,” Apocalypse Eleven (Spring 2004).

    “Moose Crash,” The Prairie Journal 41 (2003).

    “Fishing Song” & “At the Slaughterhouse,” The Wascana Review (Fall 1999).

    “Chipping Weld,” Stand Magazine, (Autumn 1995).

    “Salmon Catching,” Scaling the Face of Reason (1994).

    “A Repair,” The Wascana Review (Fall 1994).

    “The Fence,” American Goat 6 (Fall 1994).

    “Warrior Sonnet” & “What the Manager Said,” YAWP 2 (Spring 1994).

    “Tom” & “Hair Cut,” YAWP 1 (Summer 1993).

    “The Cattle,” sub-TERRAIN 8 (Fall 1992).

    “When I First Read Wright,” Nexus 2 (Fall 1992).

    “The Two Daughters West of Tatla Lake, 1968” & “As a Poet I Brush My Teeth,” Whetstone 1 (Spring 1992).

    “Sonnet (8/2/90),” The Eclectic Muse 3 (Fall 1991).

    “Their Share of Flame,” Critical Mass 1 (Spring 1991).

    “Know not the mind. . .,” “Point of view. . .,” “Within my. . .” & “You will never read these words, for they sleep,” The Eclectic Muse 2 (Easter 1990).

    “For you my Canadian friend,” Revelations (Spring 1982).


  • Awards & Honours

    Deans' Innovative Teaching Award (2007)

  • Area of Research

    youth culture; anthropology of identity; tribalism; hip hop culture; theological dimensions of heavy metal culture; emerging Canadian authors; literature and the visual arts.

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