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Wendy Worrall, M.Sc.


  • Biography

    Wendy Worrall is a sessional professor of Biology.  She has taught at TWU in various capacities of Biology, Chemistry and Science Education since 1996.  With the inception of the TWU School of Education in 2002, she designed the science education course for Elementary teachers doing their fifth year practicum. 

    She grew up in Abbotsford, B.C. where after high school she worked as a Medical Laboratory Technologist at MSA Hospital and then managed the B.C. Biomedical Abbotsford Branch for 5 years.  She left the work force for a short time to raise 2 sons and then returned to the education field.  At a private Christian school, Cornerstone Christian School, she taught many different math, science, Bible and music courses while simultaneously completing a B.Sc. at TWU.  She has been involved for many years in leading worship both in church services and prison chapels.  To truly integrate science teaching with a Christian worldview, she has an ongoing interest in the origins debate, seeking to have an understanding of the approaches that enable her to hold to the inerrancy of Scripture.  She lives in Abbotsford with her husband where for relaxation she has recently taken up watercolour painting using mostly biological subjects such as birds, butterflies, and flowers. 

  • Education

    1973    Registered Medical Technologist from British Columbia Institute of Technology and Vancouver General Hospital

    1994    Bachelor of Science from Trinity Western University

    2008    Master of Science in Science Education from Montana State University

  • Research & Scholarship

    MSSE Capstone Project called “Using Inquiry in the First-Year Biology Lab” (2008)

  • Memberships & Affiliations

    Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science – in active member

    The Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences – member

    American Scientific Affiliation/Canadian Christian and Scientific Affiliation – member

  • Courses Taught at TWU

    BIOL 105
    BIOL 241/242  Lab and tutorial
    BIOL 333 Lab 
    BIOL 334 Lab 
    BIOL 345 Lab 
    BIOL 343 Lab 
    EDUC 458 Lab EDUC 475 prep
    EDUC 458  Lecture
    Previously:  (2011 or earlier)
    BIOL 113/114 Lab
    BIOL 371 Lab
    CHEM 111/112 Lab
    CHEM 221/222 Lab and tutorial

  • Awards & Honours

    1973 VGH Laboratory General Proficiency Award

    1973  Children’s Hospital Award

    1994    Graduated with B.Sc. and the highest G.P.A 

  • Area of Research

    The use of inquiry in teaching science in elementary, high school and university laboratory experiences. 

     The changes in evolutionary theory and the development of intelligent design as an organizing paradigm as illustrated by her presentation to the Science and Christianity Learning community (2012) called “An Eclectic Approach is Needed in ‘Flatland.’”


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