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Life is stressful, obtaining the degree or credential you need shouldn't be. TWU Extension is designed for people who live full lives yet want an education to complement and enhance their lives. Through our Bellingham and Langley campuses, online learning choices, and evening, weekend, summer and travel learning options, we provide a variety of opportunities for your life-long learning needs to be met. We believe that all people were created equally to do great things. Whether you are a mother looking to transition back to the workforce after having children, a high school graduate who wants a University degree, but may need some academic support to be successful in University, or a businessperson looking to obtain the degree to match your professional abilities, we have options that will fit into your life. Our goal is to remove the barriers to your participation in learning so that you are able to reach your full potential and, in doing so, make a significant impact on the lives of others.

Check out our learning options and then give us a call to see if one works for you.

Philip Laird, PhD.
Associate Provost,
Trinity Western University