International Program Options

International Programs for International Students:

TWU offers many options for International Students through TWU Extension:

  • part-time studies to try out university
  • summer sessions programs to make the most of your time
  • International degree completion (BA Leadership)
  • EDGE program to prepare for and enter the MBA
  • NEW! UT 1 Program (University Transition First Year) to get your first year done and to be well-prepared to finish a degree



Part-time studies

Take 1-3 classes of your choice. This gives you a chance to see if you are ready for university studies or to take courses you need to get into other programs.


Summer Sessions

All students can participate in Summer Sessions. Many international students take advantage of this option because it maximizes time and money. You can take extra courses in the summer to get ahead. You can take a lighter load during the regular semester and balance your studies by taking summer courses. For a list of courses and programs available in the summer, click here.


International Degree Completion

Students who have started their degree in another country or school can complete their degree at TWU, earning the BA Leadership.



Students who are interested in pursuing business can come into the EDGE program with three years of business from another university abroad, take their final year at TWU, and transfer this back to complete their degree. These students then move directly into the MBA.


UT 1 (University Transition First Year)

International students who are entering university for the first time - whether from high school abroad or from a Canadian high school - can take 36 semester hours together with "Integration and Engagement" courses to provide a highly supportive environment. This new program is a COHORT program, which means that students take most of their courses together and get to know each other very well. Top TWU professors and master teachers work together to make you succeed and LOVE your first year.