Courses for 2016-17

Note: The following course list represents the course needs for the majority of students. Students with unique circumstances can work on a customized plan with the Advisor.

Fall semester

  • WRTG 100 (University Writing - required English course) OR WRTG 101 (for global students) - 3 semester hours
  • MYTW 101 (Intro. to University - core requirement)  - 1 semester hour
  • HKIN 190 (Concepts of Physical Fitness - core requirement) - 2 semester hours OR HKIN 191 for students majoring in an HKIN program
  • PSYC 106 (Intro to Psychology - meets a core requirement, an elective, or a program requirement) - 3 semester hours
  • ONE MORE COURSE OF YOUR CHOICE (Discuss with Debbie Mohamed, Freshman Academy Advisor)

      Total for fall: 12 semester hours


Spring Semester

  • ENGL 103 (Intro to Literature: Short Fiction & Poetry - core requirement) OR ENGL 101 (recommended for global students) - 3 semester hours
  • PHIL 210 (Contemporary Ethical Issues - core requirement) - 3 semester hours
  • TWO or THREE COURSES OF YOUR CHOICE (depending on academic standing)

      Total for spring: 12-15 semester hours

 **Note: Students who do not pass WRTG 100 must retake it in the spring semester, as it is a prerequisite for ENGL 103. Similarly, international students must pass WRTG 101 before taking ENGL 101. Students who fail courses in the first semester may lose the opportunity to chose their own course in the second semester. Instead, they may be required to retake the failed courses in order to increase their overall grade.

Students may also choose to add on a 1 semester hour course in each semester. Options include membership on a Spartan team, choir, ensemble, music lesson (for music majors only), or activity course (sport/exercise).

NOTE: Students must achieve an average of 2.0 by the end of the Freshman Academy year in order to stay at TWU.


Transfer students

If you are transferring courses from another post-secondary institution, we will customize your Freshman Academy year. You will not be required to re-take courses for which you already have credit.


Summer Session

  • If you take only 12 semester hours in the spring, you can use your final course in the summer. This is beneficial if your GPA is still low. You can re-take a course in order to improve your average.
  • If you have successfully completed Freshman Academy, you are welcome to take as many summer courses as you like. Summer courses save you money and help you get ahead.


Program Total: 27 semester hours