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 What is Freshman Academy?

If your high school grades were less than stunning, or if you took fewer than 4 academic courses in Grade 12, you would usually not be admitted to TWU. However, Freshman Academy is a different admission category that gives you a chance to get started on your degree. Success in this first year proves that you have what it takes and allows you to continue on in your degree.While you are in Freshman Academy, you are on probation to determine whether you can be successful. If you achieve 2.0 or higher by the end of the program, you will have met the requirements of the university.


How many classes are there?

Most students take 12 semester hours in the first semester and 15 semester hours in the second. However, if you prefer to take the program part-time and finish it over more months, that is also an option. The program provides 27 semester hours, which is the equivalent of one year. When you finish, you are considered a 2nd year student.


What kind of classes are in the program?

The cohort courses (arranged for you by the Freshman Academy Advisor) provide your liberal arts courses, which are part of all TWU degrees. In addition, you will be able to choose some of your own courses. If you know what major you would like to take, you can take the first year courses in your major. If you are not sure, you can explore.

All courses are taught by our regular TWU professors.


What kind of support is there?

Students in Freshman Academy have a faculty advisor to go to with all their questions. If you have questions about schedules and due dates, university processes, computer problems, academic advising, health and wellness, or anything at all, you can get help from your advisor. The Freshman Academy Advisor is different from other advisors in that you can stop by for any kind of help whenever you need it.

In addition, each student has a learning coach to help with assignments and academic work. The learning coach will meet you weekly throughout the school year. Additional time will also be available if you need it.

Students also have support from all the TWU services, such as the nurse, doctor, and counselors, career counseling, student employment, student success centre, and many other offices.


How do I finish the program?

After completing the program, as long as you have achieved 2.0, you simply continue into your next year. There are no additional processes, and your program advisor will take care of everything. If you do not achieve 2.0, the advisor will discuss your situation with you. Since Freshman Academy is a unique category in the university, a GPA of 2.0 is essential for staying at the university.


Do I qualify for a student loan?

Yes. Freshman Academy at TWU qualifies you for a student loan. In addition, you may qualify for financial aid from TWU.


Can I keep my part-time job?

University is a full-time job. You should plan on dedicating 40 hours or more each week to school (your class time plus your homework, readings, studying, and assignments). It is possible to have a part-time job, but you should consider this very carefully. School needs to be your number one priority. 


Can I play on a Spartan team?

Yes. We will work around the training schedule to ensure that athletes have the best possible balance between classes and athletics.


What do I do if I have a disability or health concern?

If you have a diagnosed physical disability, learning challenge, or medical need, please contact our Equity of Access Office. Our staff will provide you with more information and discuss whether you qualify for accommodations.


What if I have had an IEP in high school?

In university, you won't have an IEP as you did in the past. You may qualify for some accommodations (such as extra time for tests or having a note-taker). However, curriculum and assessments are not modified in university level studies. For further questions about accommodations, please contact our Equity of Access Office.