What will you study in the E.D.G.E program?



BUSI 411 Business in the Global Market
BUSI 412 International Economic Competitiveness
BUSI 421 Advanced Accounting
BUSI 426 External Auditing: Concepts and Methods
BUSI 428 Canadian Taxation
BUSI 430 Marketing Research
BUSI 435 Marketing Management
BUSI 437 Advertising and Promotional Strategy
BUSI 441 Advanced Topics in Business Finance
BUSI 442 Advanced Personal Financial Planning
BUSI 446 Commercial Legal Relations
BUSI 470 Information Systems Project/Internship
BUSI 480 Leadership in the Global Context
BUSI 481 Business Ethics
BUSI 484 Strategic Management
BUSI 486 Small Business Administration
BUSI 487 Small Business and Entrepreneurship II
BUSI 490 Integrative Group Project


ANTH 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
PSYC 106 Introduction to Psychology
WRTG 100 Introduction to Writing
COMM 111 Introduction to Communication
Learning Coach Session

Student Graduation Paper Preparation

MBA 课程 (45 credits)

MBA 501 Marketing Management
MBA 521 Managerial Accounting
MBA 525 Managerial Economics
MBA 542 Managerial Finance
MBA 552 Human Resource Management
MBA 570 Information and Knowledge Management Systems
MBA 571 Operations Management
MBA 593 Christian Leadership and Ethics
MBA 684** Strategic Management (6 sem. hrs.)
MBA 661 Global Competitiveness
MBA 662 Managing a Global Organization
MBA 663 International Business Law
MBA 664 International Finance and Accounting
MBA 665 Comparative International Management (Travel Studies)

*these courses are subject to change and offered only in Fall semester
**includes Applied Research Project