To apply to the program, follow the instructions listed below, or call for more information.

Application Instructions
  • Complete the University Certificate application form and the Career Aptitude Assessment form (which you may download through the website or received via mail).
  • The Korean program advisor will contact the applicant for an interview date (either by phone, or in person).
  • Submit your resume describing education history and work experiences.
  • The applicants will be contacted for their registration information.
  • Send the above documents in one of the following ways:
    • Drop it off in person to Global Learning Connections office at TWU 
    • Mail the document to TWU Global Learning Connections 
    • Fax the forms at 604-513-2060

Required Documents

Required documents for your Application Package should include: 

  •  Application form (downloaded through the website or received via mail or fax);
  • Counsellor Aptitude Assessment (received through e-mail or regular mail);
  • Personal Resume;
  • Transcripts from all your secondary and post secondary schools.

Application Form


Download application form