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Community Expectations

Trinity Western University is a community where all members should be free to pursue honest academic inquiry and to explore issues of faith, life and citizenship in an affirming and respectful environment.  Therefore, it is imperative that all members treat fellow members and guests with dignity and regard in the manner they themselves prefer to be treated. While students are not required to adhere to any specific religious faith or tradition, it is expected that each member will respect other students' religious perspectives and, in particular, the Christian identity of Trinity Western University.

By accepting an offer to attend the Trinity Western University, it is required that each individual adhere to the community standards while on campus.  These responsibilities include refraining from a) smoking on campus, b) use of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs while on campus, c) engaging in immoral behavior as defined in the Community Covenant Agreement found at As in any post-secondary educational institution, all students are expected to abide by the academic and community standards of the institution.