Trinity Western University

UT 1 (University Transition First Year)

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The first year of university is a HUGE adjustment for most students.

If you are also adjusting to a new PLACE, a new CULTURE, a new LANGUAGE, and new ways of LEARNING, this first year is often very, very challenging.

The UT1 Year is designed to walk through this first year with you. 

What is the UT1 Year?

  • It is the first year of your TWU degree (27 semester hours or more). You are a regular TWU student.
  • Half of your courses are with your cohort (all global students).
  • Half of your courses are in regular TWU classes.
  • All of your professors are regular TWU professors - the ones who win TWU an A+ ranking every year.
  • You have one hour every week (more if you need it) with your Learning Coach. This is FREE.
  • You have one hour every week with an instructor who speaks your first language. This is also FREE.
  • You have one hour every week  (optional) to improve your pronunciation and reduce your accent. This is FREE.
  • You have advisors to help you with all of your questions.
  • When you complete UT1, you become a 2nd year student and you can complete your degree in 4 years or less. 
  • Tuition is the SAME as the regular TWU tuition. There are no additional or hidden fees.


What the UT1 Year is NOT:

  • UT1 is NOT an ESL program and it does not include any ESL classes. All of the courses are regular TWU courses - the same courses that other first year students take. They are all credit-bearing classes, and they will contribute to your university degree. 
  • UT1 is NOT a separate school.  The courses and grades are recorded on your TWU transcript. They are not separated in any way because they are part of your degree.
  • Entering UT1 does NOT mean that you need more time to graduate. You can graduate in 4 years or even less.