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TWU's Richmond Campus

Building a university in the heart of Richmond

first 3D rendering of TWU's Richmond campus

Trinity Western University's new extension campus will be built as part of a multimillion dollar residential development in downtown Richmond. In the heart of one of Canada's fastest growing cities, the campus will be a gateway to a multitude of opportunities for students, and an important step in the history of TWU.

On the corner of Minoru Boulevard and Firbridge Way, the campus is a short walk from two Canada Line stations. The new residential complex  housing the campus will consist of townhouses, five towers, and a community centre.View Richmond Campus location map

A campus in the community, for the community

The campus location was partly chosen because of its proximity to buildings important to the community, such as Richmond City Hall, the law courts, and the library. The spatial relationship between the campus and these buildings reflects TWU's focus on building a campus that is an integrated part of the Richmond community. Through a collaborative process involving various Richmond leaders, the campus will be tailored to meet the specific needs of Richmond.

Innovative curriculum & program delivery

Academic programming for the campus will focus on innovative curriculum and delivery systems. Programs will be developed in the context of the campus' urban location and the wide variety of students it must serve. Creative use of classroom space and technology are likely to play a large part in making this small space have a big impact in Richmond.


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