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Trinity Western University is a unique, Canadian advanced education community. It is a Christian university, with a mission and core values that reflect a high calling that engages the heart and soul, not just the head. TWU stands unashamed of its commitment to Jesus Christ and Biblical truth. And as such, the University provides a robust education, uncompromising in its excellence; an opportunity to be part of a purpose-driven, transformational experience, discovering the heart and its passion; and a launching pad for graduates to go out and impact a needy world for good.

As an alumnus, I am intensely proud of Trinity Western. As its president, I am honored to be trusted to lead, with God’s help, a university where I regularly hear students, staff and faculty say, “I love this place.” What other institution of higher learning can claim that endorsement?

Thank you for your interest in TWU. My hope, and my prayer, is that you will find us a warm and inviting community of people, committed to be the best we can be in serving you and others in our community, our country and our world. If we can be of any help in answering any of your questions or addressing concerns, please contact me.

President (Interim) Bob KuhnRobert Kuhn

Bob Kuhn, J.D.

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