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Promissory Note

PLEASE NOTE: Effective immediately, the TWU Promissory Note offering is closed and no longer available to NEW investors.  However; previous investors in the TWU Promissory Note program may have the option to renew.

The Trinity Western University Promissory Note is a plan under which supporters of Trinity Western University invest a principal amount for a determined interest rate and maturitydate. The Note offers a competitive interest rate.

There is no administration or other cost to the annuitant. All costs of operation, administration and marketing are borne by Trinity Western University.  Interest rates are set each January and July and are linked to the TWU RRSP and RRIF investment rates.  For additional information or if you are interested in investing, please contact Inga Warnock, 604-513-2033 or

Supporting Documents:

Mortgage documents

Property appraisals

Note Indenture

Promissory note fact sheet

TWU financial statements

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