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LLC students take three interdisciplinary, interactive courses. The course offerings enable you to learn about leadership, public policy, ethics, and contemporary culture. You benefit from the insight of guest speakers who are leaders in government and public policy. The courses offer a strong conceptual framework for the practical realities students encounter in their internships.

The courses are:

  • POLS/HIST/SOCI 391 Canadian Governmental Leadership (3 s/h)

    The nature and styles of leadership in the political and governmental sectors; the history of political leadership; current leadership in both internal and external constituencies. Students explore both appropriate and inappropriate leadership styles and observe leaders in the Ottawa setting of their discipline.
    Cross-listed:HIST 391; SOCI 391.
    Prerequisite(s): Admission into Laurentian Leadership Centre. (3-0 or 3-0)

  • POLS/SOCI 392 Ethics and Public Affairs (3 s/h)

    The philosophical basis for and nature of ethical decision-making. Recent and contemporary ethical issues facing leaders in the political, business, and communication fields. Students observe how leaders engage ethical dilemmas in the Ottawa setting of their discipline.
    Cross-listed: SOCI 392.
    Prerequisite(s): Admission into Laurentian Leadership Centre. (3-0 or 3-0)

  • POLS/IDIS 393 Law, Public Policy and Cultural Change (3 s/h)

    The historical and contemporary debate in Canada on what constitutes culture and our contemporary cultural challenges; how Christians interface with that culture and the role of organized religion; Christian critique of culture and the methodologies and perspectives of various entities that seek to influence culture. Students observe how Canadian culture is formed within the Ottawa setting in their discipline.
    NB: This course is an approved alternative to IDIS 400.
    Cross-listed: IDIS 393.
    Prerequisite(s): 3rd or 4th year standing. (3-0 or 3-0)

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