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Laurentian Leadership Centre

Finding an Internship Placement

The LLC Director places all students in internship placements. After a student is accepted in the program, he or she will have an individual discussion with the Director who will ask about the student’s interests, experience and long term goals. If a student has an unusual interest, or something outside the usual range of internship placements, the Director may ask the student to participate in finding and securing an appropriate placement.

One of the obvious attractions of interning in Ottawa is working in politics. Students have been placed with Members of Parliament (MPs) from the Conservative, Liberal and NDP parties. Students have also been placed with the political party itself, including the Green Party. Excellent students can also be placed with Cabinet Ministers. For a full list of MPs, see the Parliamentary website.

International studies students may prefer being placed with one of the many international agencies in Ottawa. LLC students have been placed with a wide variety of international agencies including the Red Cross, WUSC and World Vision.

There are numerous non-governmental organizations that have at least a government relations office in Ottawa. LLC students have been placed with Christian NGOs like the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and the Institute for Marriage and Family. They have also been placed with organizations like the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and the Association of Universities and Colleges Canada.

There are many government relations agencies in Ottawa. LLC students have been placed with several such agencies.

Communications and English students may intern with a publication such as Ottawa Life Magazine.

Students with citizenship other than Canada may be able to intern with an embassy. Many countries have embassies in Ottawa. LLC interns have been placed with the embassies of Korea, Mexico and the Czech Republic. Note that some of these require language ability. Also note that the US Embassy has its own internship program run out of the State Dept. so will not take LLC interns.

Students with an interest in pursuing a law may be interested in interning with a number of tribunals in Ottawa.

It is valuable for students to consider what they have to contribute to an internship placement and what they hope to gain from the experience. The Director cannot guarantee any particular internship to any student but all students will get an internship.

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