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Life calling is much more than occupation. Vocational development theory suggests that the late teens and early 20's involve a lot of exploring, experiencing, and discovering more about one's self.  At the Career Development Office, we divide the concept of life calling into three concrete areas.

  • Identity: "Who am I?"
  • Purpose: "Why am I here?"
  • Direction: "How do I live this out?"


Each person is uniquely gifted with talents, strengths, passions, and our own individual personality. The starting place in exploring calling is to spend time getting to know who you are. There are many ways to do this- and the Career Development Office is here to help you. You may want to start by attending one of our workshops, taking a look at our library, or meeting individually with one of our advisors.


The heart of purpose is living our lives from a place of deep conviction that what one does matters and makes a positive difference to others. A life lived without purpose is truly a wasted life. Gifts, talents, and strengths, have been given for a reason. Each person is created by God to make a difference and called to a higher purpose. Discovering this God-given purpose is a journey. Pay special attention to what brings you joy or what you think might bring you joy. Consider a course or volunteer work that relates to that interest. What do you feel passionate about? Start paying attention to those glimmers. Time spent on such exploration is well worth it.


Identity and purpose will be expressed in particular places at particular times. Sometimes calling steers a person into one direction; sometimes another. A calling to encourage others may be expressed during one lifetime through volunteering at a homeless shelter; teaching high school students; or working as a human resources manager. As you learn more about your identity it becomes easier to discern your purpose, and direction. The importance of learning to listen to God, to be able to discern His leading, His steering, is essential in this life long process.

To learn more about how to discover your life calling, contact the Career Development Office at 604-513-2017 to book an appointment.

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