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Assessments are often used in career counselling but it is important to remember they are just tools that may help us know ourselves better. There is no assessment tool that will tell you who you are and what you should do! Discovering our identity and purpose is more complex than any test could ever measure.

The Career Development Office offers many assessment options. Some are well known like the Myers Briggs Type Indicator  and the Strong Interest Inventory, and some are experiential activities like card sorts. When you see one of our counsellors you will discuss together what assessments might be helpful for you.

There are many free career quizzes on the internet. These are often fun and entertaining but the Career Development Office does not advocate their use for identity exploration or career decision making. Below is more information about career assessment tools available at the CDO to help you make informed decisions and develop an achievable educational plan.

VIPS Career Assessment

Developed in 2003, Elevations assesses four areas relevant to career development: values, skills, career interests, and personality. It was developed to provide undecided students, job seekers and career changers with a thorough up-to-date option for assessment. The Elevations process combines theory with practicality, concluding with suggestions for action plans. Cost: $15.00CAD.

TypeFocus Careers

TypeFocus Careers assesses personality types as relevant to career development. More specifically, this tool helps its users to answer questions about how personality relates to career decision-making. The assessment yields reports aimed to outline a holistic process towards self-awareness. Cost: Free.

Calling Cards

Based on the Holland Codes of work personality environments, Calling Cards help users identify their gifts, passions and values within the context of career exploration. This assessment employs a five-step process that promotes a life-long journey of self-discovery. Cost: Free.

Career Cruising

Career Cruising is an excellent resource for students who wish to explore career options with a major in mind, or closely examine possible majors for a particular career. This tool also offers links to other resources that help in the career decision-making process. Contact the Career Development Office for the username and password, and start Career Cruising! Cost: Free.

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