Prayer, Arts, & Worship

About Chapel
Weekdays from 11 – 11:30 AM  |  Gym

We desire to be a united community treasuring Jesus Christ above all. Every weekday from 11 – 11:30 AM during the academic year, hundreds of students, faculty, staff, and guests gather in the David E. Enarson Gymnasium to respond to God’s invitation to worship and mission. As a vibrant part of campus life, our daily chapel gathering at Trinity Western creates opportunities for us to hear and be changed by God’s story in Jesus through music, teaching, prayer, Scripture reading, dance, and storytelling. All are welcome.

Singing Together

From Monday-Thursday during the academic year we sing one or two songs of worship before hearing from that morning's guest speaker. We gather for Praise Chapel on Fridays. During Praise Chapel we celebrate together for the entire 30-minute gathering through prayer, Scripture reading, and singing.

Learning Together

Sound biblical teaching and real-world experience are always in dialogue, and in chapel you’re invited to join the conversation. Integrating faith with the rest of life is one of the most important things you will ever do, and by coming to chapel, you can learn from others who are doing just that. We invite world-renowned scholars, best-selling authors, local pastors, business professionals, innovative artists, and global world-changers to share their stories and their expertise from a Christian perspective. You will have opportunities to interact with guests from across North America and abroad while getting to know TWU’s outstanding faculty and staff better too.

About Sunday Night Alive
Select Sundays from 8 – 9 PM  |  Atrium

Times of spiritual refreshment and reflection can be difficult to find amidst the rigors of university life, but we believe they are vitally important. SNA provides a space for us to cultivate lives of worship, gratitude, prayer, and obedience that will nourish us for the long haul. We meet approx. every second Sunday from 8 – 9 PM in the Atrium (located at the south end of the Reimer Student Centre) to draw closer to Jesus and to one another through music, prayer, personal stories, and other experiences.