Prayer, Arts, & Worship

Serve & Grow in Worship

Whether you love to play music, design graphics, mix sound, or organize events, there are lots of opportunities for you to invest in our life of worship as a TWU community. As a participant within a Prayer, Arts, & Worship Ministries team, you will be supported and encouraged by a leadership team who is passionate about worship and invested in your growth as a Christ-follower and a servant leader.

Chapel & SNA Music Teams

Approx. 5-8 hrs/week

Chapel occurs every weekday from 11-11:30 AM during the academic year. SNA (Sunday Night Alive) occurs six Sundays every semester from 8-9 PM. Whether you sing, or play bass guitar, cello, drum kit, synths, or saxophone, we want to hear from you! Being involved on a Chapel or SNA team is a great way to hone your musicianship, grow in your experience of worship in its many forms, receive teaching on worship history and theology, and experience rich community with your peers.

Providing leadership for worship in song is vital for the life of any Christian community. We believe that God-honouring and effective leadership in all areas flows out of the life each team member lives before God and others.

We're looking for worshipers who are...

  • Committed followers of Jesus Christ who strive to maintain a consistent and growing relationship with Him as their Saviour and King.
  • Eager to sacrificially offer their gifts and talents as an expression of love for God and others, so that all may be drawn into deeper devotion to God.
  • Dedicated to producing the best possible musical and artistic material as an aid to community worship, both as individual musicians and as part of a musical group.
  • Supportive of the Community in Covenant agreement and commit to abide by it to the best of their ability.

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