Welcome to discipleship programs at TWU! Our goal is to help form life-long disciple who are growing in devotion to God, in Christ-like character, and in loving influence of those around them. In Matthew 4:19 Jesus calls out to Simon and Andrew, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." We are called to follow Christ, be transformed by Him, and then join Him as He works in the world.

The life of a disciple is not to be experienced alone. God designed us for relationships, and it through relationships that Jesus discipled. All of our discipleship programs are designed around intentional Christ-centred community. 

Discipleship programs offer small group bible studies, women’s and men’s ministries and peer mentoring.  We understand people connect on different levels, so you can get involved in a large group, a small group, or a 1-1 setting. Check out the link below to get more information. 

Assistant Director of Student Ministries: Discipleship and Group Ministries | Student Ministries |Trinity Western University | p:604.513.2121 (3429) | e:alexa.wowchuk@twu.ca