Spring Trips

Spring Break Missions

February 25th- March 4th, 2017

These trips are an incredible opportunity to be thrust out of your comfort zone in order to ask the hard questions: Why are there homeless people in the wealthiest nations on earth?  How do we live as Christians in light of these realities?  Teams will work with inner city ministries, Habitat for Humanity, and using your musical gifts. Through direct-service you will be given the opportunity to see God working in your own life and the lives of the people around you - whether it be a teammate or someone you meet on the street. On-line application form here. Team member applications are still being accepted for select trips, until November 18th, 2016.


Building Brighter Futures: Various Locations

Work with a team alongside Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit organization that partners with cities around the world to break the cycle of poverty. Play your part in building affordable housing for low-income families, bringing them hope for a brighter future. Potential locations for this spring include:

  • Hawaii Approximate cost: $1900 (Dates: Feb 23rd - Mar 5th, 2017)
  • Tacoma Approximate cost: $400-500

Refuge for the Homeless: Southern California

Travel with a team to the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission (CVRM) in Indio, California (just outside of Palm Springs). The mission provides the homeless in the Coachella Valley a place of refuge. Through hot meals, shelter, education/vocation services and residential programs for those with addictions, CVRM desires to serve in the name of Jesus Christ. Spend an inspiring week working with and learning from both the staff and the residents. Approximate cost: $600-700

Hope for the Exploited: Vancouver

On this trip, students will learn more about the realities of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Vancouver. The team will visit multiple organizations and ministries that aid and address the needs of vulnerable people in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Many of these organizations focus on the value of developing trusting relationships with those who have been exploited, and seek to provide places of safety and rest. The team will also look at how addiction, homelessness, poverty, mental health and abuse affect the cycle of exploitation. The goal of this trip is for men and women to work together to see what justice and hope would look like for those being exploited. This trip is a starting point for students who want to learn more about combatting injustices against vulnerable populations, and finding out what true freedom looks like. Approximate cost: $200-300

Global Development in a Local Setting: Vancouver

The team will learn about how to impact local and global needs through different organizations in Vancouver. They will encounter a range of ideas when visiting city council, homeless shelters, community drop-in centers, refugee housing, and more. Students will be challenged to look past labels of ethnicity, poverty, homelessness, or mental health, and instead see others as humans and children of God. Approximate cost: $200-300

Worship Tour: Interior B.C.

 Join a TWU traveling band and journey to various local youth groups to lead them in worship. Your team will play for both large and small churches across denominations, providing you with the opportunity to get to know youth across interior BC. Through sharing your own heart for worship and praying with students, you will learn about their passion for God and encourage them to influence their family, friends, and the community in which they live. Approximate cost: $200-300

Connecting with Community: Vancouver Island

Join a team of students heading to Alert Bay to spend a week learning about and entering into a First Nations community. Alert Bay is a community on Cormorant Island (northeast of Vancouver Island) with approximately 1300 people, with approximately half of its population being made up by people of the ‘Namgis First Nations. Cormorant Island is also home to seven other Kwakwaka’wakw Tribes. Students will spend their week connecting with this community through providing after school programs for local children and participating in the House of Prayer gatherings. Approximate cost: $600-700

*** Due to the nature of the USD, prices on trips traveling to USA cost more due to exchange rates ***

On-line application form here. Team member applications are still being accepted for select trips, until November 18th, 2016


Trip Leadership with Global Projects

Our trips wouldn't run if it wasn't for students who choose to give their talents, time, and energy to leading. While the Global Projects team can plan trips, we need someone who is willing to filter our vision and values down to the team members and to give them life around the world. We provide leaders training, support, and mentorship all throughout the entire process, and consider it a privilege to work with students through what is a typically growth filled time. 

Are you interested in leading a trip with Global Projects? If so, there are a couple of steps in the application process. 

1. Fill in an application form by Oct 14th, and tell us that you want to lead! In the first interview question of the application form, please indicate your interest in leading. Unfortunately at this point, our application form does not have a specific question about this, so please make your intention clear. 

2. Book an interview here!  

Rachel Imperial & Melissa Taylor
Spring Break Coordinators
p:604.513.2121 (3414) | e: Coordinator Emails