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Summer Missions

May-June-July-August 2017

Every summer Global Projects sends teams of students to participate in cross-cultural community development and missions projects. While the actual trips range from 2-8 weeks each summer, Global Projects embraces a BEFORE-DURING-AFTER philosophy of short-term missions.  This means that the whole summer program lasts from January-October as you meet with all the other summer teams to help you prepare before you leave and process after you come back.  You should think of the summer program more in terms of a discipleship journey rather than just an opportunity for summer travel.  Participating with the Global Projects Summer program will stretch and challenge you; you will be given the opportunity to never be the same again! 

Applications available here.

  • Applications are due by November 18th, 2016. 
  • Interested in leading? Team leader applications are due by October 14th, 2016. Sign up for an interview here

Northern Beauty: Ft. Babine, Northern B.C.

Join a team of 6-8 students going to Northern BC to live amongst the Wit'at Nation on Lake Babine. Trinity students have a 20 year standing relationship with the community of Fort Babine and have the opportunity again this year to go and humbly love and learn, and to be loved in return. This team will spend their time living life together in this small community to learn more about our First Nations brothers and sisters. Approximate cost: $1200-1500

Gospel Sharing through Drama: Location TBD

Join a team of 6-8 students to help make Jesus inescapable on street corners around the world. This team will partner with an organization called DRIME to use drama as a way of crossing language barriers and sharing the gospel. If you are interested in expressing God's love through cross-cultural drama presentations than this would be an incredible opportunity for you. By partnering with DRIME you will create an atmosphere of family and discipleship where people, fun and celebration are priorities. Together you will use creative work in everything from dramas and evangelism to serving and leading. The tentative dates are May 7- May 31. The approximate cost is TBA (dependant on the country which is also TBA). For more information please visit:  Approximate cost: $4000-5000

Living with Differences: Israel and Palestinian territories

To many, the lands that now form the modern political state of Israel and the Palestinian territories, are known collectively as “The Holy Land.” This is a land rich in religious and historical significance for the three world’s largest monotheistic religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam; and it a land desperate for reconciliation, peace, and unity. Last year, the team partnered with Serve Nazareth, and helped in the Dialysis Unit, Psychiatric Unit, and Maternity Ward of the English Hospital, while also helping in a 1st Century village re-creation. The team also partnered with Musalaha, an organization in Jerusalem promoting the dialogue of reconciliation and forgiveness between Israelis and Palestinians.  You will gain first-hand experience in Israeli and Palestinian cultures all while learning about God and his heart for this land and the people within. You will experience the importance and challenge of forgiveness in a land rattled by political and religious tension, division, and acts of injustice. Approximate cost: $5000-6000

Impacting YOUth: Honduras

Are you a current student who has a heart for God’s children and helping them reach their full potential? Students on this team will be partnering with Urban Promise Honduras (UPH) which seeks to do just that. Their mission is to inspire the youth of this beautiful country to reach their potential by equipping them with the necessary skills for life while being rooted in the Christian faith.

This Central American country faces complex issues of violence, crime, and kidnapping. The first step in jumpstarting change is through the country’s youth, assuring their foundation is rooted in faith. Despite the internal struggles of the country, there is incredible room for growth and life. God uses brokenness and struggle in so many ways, and you would get to see this up close and personal by partnering with UPH. Approximate cost: $4000-5000

Community Development: Philippines

Join a team as they head to the Philippines to work with youth. You will have the opportunity to spend times with kids in various settings such as tutoring, sports, and devotions. You will also get to interact and help communities by aiding with construction and going on food runs (delivering and distributing food while also providing some medical care to impoverished communities). The main focus of this trip will be sharing the love of God with Filipino youth. Approximate cost: $4000-5000

Rebuilding Hope: Cambodia

Join a team of 8 students heading to Cambodia to partner with ministries working to rebuild the people, culture, and beauty of Cambodia. Cambodia was ravaged by a brutal war in the 1970s, which has taken the country years to rebuild from. Most well known from this time period are the Cambodian Killing Fields where millions of innocent lives were taken. This team will be working with Sokreaksa Himm, author of Tears of My Soul and After the Heavy Rain. Potential ministry opportunities include teaching basic English and/or physical education classes to youth. Approximate cost: $4000-5000

Holistic Approach to Healthcare: Malawi

Join a team of 6-8 students to build relationships and serve the Ngodzi community at Lifeline Malawi. Each month Lifeline Malawi ~1,500 HIV+ patients, cares for ~850 children, sees ~5,000 patients and delivers ~42 babies. By partnering with Lifeline, you have the opportunity to learn from clinical officers and nurses, participate in community health talks, and help with youth events. This is an incredible opportunity to encourage Lifeline staff, engage in new relationships, and share God's love for his people in Malawi. As a team you will stay in the missions house which is on the same property as the clinic. The tentative dates are May 7- June 7th 2017. For more information please visit: Approximate cost: $4000-5000 (includes flight but excludes immunizations). 

*** Due to the nature of the USD, prices on trips traveling to USA cost more due to exchange rates ***

Applications available here. Team member applications are due by November 18th, 2016.

Trip Leadership with Global Projects

Our trips wouldn't run if it wasn't for students who choose to give their talents, time, and energy to leading. While the Global Projects team can plan trips, we need someone who is willing to filter our vision and values down to the team members and to give them life around the world. We provide leaders training, support, and mentorship all throughout the entire process, and consider it a privilege to work with students through what is a typically growth filled time. 

Are you interested in leading a trip with Global Projects? If so, there are a couple of steps in the application process. 

1. Fill in an application form by Oct 14th, and tell us that you want to lead! In the first interview question of the application form, please indicate your interest in leading. Unfortunately at this point, our application form does not have a specific question about this, so please make your intention clear. 

2. Book an interview here! 

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Summer Trip Coordinators
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