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A portion or summary of Trinity Western University's Mission Statement is.... " to develop godly Christian leaders.... serving God and people in the various marketplaces of life."  This statement is much more than noble, worthy intentions. It truly is a mission that is deeply rooted and purposed toward investing in the lives of people and circumstances that would produce life-changing and potentially world-changing outcomes.

These pages will share personal stories and testimonies by TWU students, parents, faculty and staff whose lives have been significantly impacted, or they have impacted others as a result of their connection with Trinity Western University and their understanding of who God is and who they have become in Him.

We hope you are encouraged and inspired to see how each of us connected to or associated with Trinity Western University plays a part in influencing godly Christian leaders for the various market places of life.

Trinity Western University Mission Statement: The mission of Trinity Western University, as an arm of the Church, is to develop godly Christian leaders: positive, goal-oriented university graduates with thoroughly Christian minds; growing disciples of Christ who glorify God through fulfilling the Great Commission, serving God and people in the various marketplaces of life.