The Internet can be a wonderful source of Health and Wellness Information. However, just because something is printed on the Internet doesn't necessarily mean it's true. Unfortunately there are many sites present which contain less than reliable information.

Here are some guidelines for finding - dependable, accurate health information on the Internet:

  • Beware of websites that offer a cure-all or quick fix, if something sounds too good to be true it probably isn't.
  • Use caution with websites that try to sell you something.
  • Use caution with recommendations that are not based on scientific studies.
  • Look at different sites and try to seek a consensus of opinion.
  • Look at the source of the information and try to stick to those that come from a government agency, a university, or a health professional organization.


Health News Review Toolkit

You will find a number of tipsheets, primers, links and other resources to help journalists and consumers do a better job of evaluating claims about health care interventions.



Healthlink 8 – 1 - 1

Some of British Columbia's most trusted and recognized health information services are consolidated in HealthLink BC.

HealthLink BC is the gateway to access non-emergency health information and services in British Columbia. It's a phone number - it's a website - it's a collection of print and telephone resources that put services and health know-how into the hands and homes of BC residents.

Visit or call 811.