Academic Coaching (SKLS 003)

The Academic Coaching Program (Project Succeed—SKLS 003) provides organizational assistance and educational coaching designed specifically to help students improve their academic performance.  Academic Coaching is available for ALL students.  Some are required to attend while others choose to receive extra academic assistance and accountability.  Academic coaching is particularly recommended for students who are transitioning into the university from high school or from other cultures and are wanting to maximize the first semester at TWU.   General topics covered in the academic coaching program are academic planning, organization and time management, learning styles, exam preparation, research and writing, and procrastination. In addition, assessments are available for study strategies or personal / learning styles. The Academic Coaching offices are located at the Student Success Centre in the Reimer Student Centre. Contact Brenda Keis or Julie Warkentin for further details regarding Academic Coaching.

How to sign up:

Students enroll for Academic Coaching (Project Succeed--SKLS 003) online using their TWU user account by adding SKLS 003 to their schedule.

Some students are required to take a more intensive academic coaching course entitled Academic Coaching (Choosing to Succeed SKLS 002).  Register online using your TWU user account and add SKLS 002 to your schedule.

Academic Coaching Promotional Flyer