Financial Aid

While general financial aid inquiries can be directed to TWU’s Financial Award department, in Canada, there are a number of options available, both federally and provincially, for students with disabilities.

Take a look at the following list of grants, bursaries and scholarships. Ones that seem applicable to your situation can be followed up on the appropriate website. Application forms are also generally available on the website. Need help? Talk to the Director, Equity of Access and Learning Resources for more information.

Federal Grant Information

The primary starting point for discovering Federal government financial support for students with disabilities is at the Service Canada and CanLearn websites. Here you will find general information on financial assistance for students with permanent disabilities as well as specific information on grants such as:

Provincial Grant Information

Many of the Federal grant programs require initial completion of provincial forms. Most of these forms can be found at StudentAidBC

In addition, there are details on a number of Programs for Students with Permanent Disabilities as well as specific information on grants and bursaries such as:

Additional Financial Aid Resources

There are several other helpful websites that can be of assistance in seeking educational financial aid:

  • Scholarship Canada, an extensive data base of information on scholarships, grants and bursaries
  • Student Awards another data base of scholarship, grant and bursary information
  • NEADS (National Educational Association of disabled Students), a consumer organization with a wide range of resources designed to encourage and support post-secondary students with disabilities.