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TWU Nurse in Haiti

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The call came Friday morning at 11:30 am. Three hours later, Michele Regehr, a nurse at Trinity Western University Wellness Centre in Langley BC, was scheduled to fly to Haiti that weekend.

Regehr, a resident of Abbotsford, left for Haiti on January 24th and will serve there for two weeks as part of a Food for the Hungry Canada team of doctors and nurses. “When I first got the request to go, a lot of reasons for not going came to mind, but when held against the colossal human need in Haiti, all those reasons just kind of melted away,” says Regehr.

The medical team is self-sufficient and mobile, bringing with them tents, sleeping bags, cooking gear, and as many medical supplies as they could carry. Regehr and the other team members brought as few personal items as possible in order to make room for medical supplies. Being self-sufficient allows the team to change their plans according to need. “We’re going into Haiti with no expectations,” says Regehr just before leaving for Haiti. “We’re willing to respond moment by moment wherever the need is.”

This is not the first time Regehr has been part of a medical team responding to a natural disaster. She went to Indonesia five years ago with Food for the Hungry to help with medical relief after the tsunami. “Since working in Indonesia,” she says, “I knew I wanted to help again in this kind of situation if I ever had the chance. This time, unlike in Indonesia, I can offer both medical and spiritual comfort, sharing Christ’s compassion in the best and fullest way I can.

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