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TWU Students Partner with Coca-Cola at the 2010 Olympics

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Langley, BC— Lauren O’Reilly and Remy Morgan have made their way to the centre of Olympic action. Among 15 Trinity Western University students who have been hired by Coca-Cola to work as product merchandisers at the Vancouver Olympics, they have already been behind the scenes on location, witnessing a side of the Games that tickets do not provide.

“There is so much going on at the sites,” says O’Reilly, who is a third-year Sports and Leisure Management major. “Even at 6:00 a.m. when we arrived one morning, people were busy working and setting up. And the lights from the Olympic rings were glowing in the dark— it was epic!”

The chance for O’Reilly, Morgan and their fellow students to work at the Olympics is equally epic. TWU professor of Human Kinetics Daryl Page, TWU Vice President for Development, David Coons, and Dean of the TWU School of Business Andrea Soberg partnered with Coca-Cola to provide 15 Business or Human Kinetic students to work as product merchandisers with the company, the exclusive beverage provider for the Olympic Games.

Page says the job with Coca-Cola is an example of the leadership experiences that Trinity Western aims to provide its students. “It allows students to build connections, experience real-life work, and build future opportunities while practically applying their education. And we could not ask for a more perfect experience for students like O’Reilly and Morgan who are interested in sports related business application. “

Working for Coca-Cola, the students will experience, first hand, how an organization plans and prepares for a major global event. “It is a once in a life-time opportunity,” Page comments. “There are only a limited number of work opportunities at the Olympics— so it’s a great honour to be chosen.”

Soberg, Dean of the School of Business, who helped interview and select the students, adds, “The students who have been chosen are some of our top academic students and have proven themselves to be great ambassadors for TWU.”

Morgan, a fourth-year Business major, recognizes how working with Coca-Cola is a unique chance to be a part of an international corporation in action. “It’s amazing to see how every area of business we learn about in courses-- logistics, marketing, human resources—are all tied together. And we get to work with employees from across the world— coming together and using all of their skills.”

“This is more than just a two-week job,” says Morgan. ”I am excited to see how this might open doors for the future.”

And, for O’Reilly, the chance to work at the Olympics stokes her own aspirations. A member of the Trinity Western Spartans Women’s Volleyball Team and on the A roster of the National Women’s Volleyball team, she hopes to be part of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. “It is so surreal to be here, and I can’t wait until the athletes show up. To know that hundreds of hours of practice have brought them here—it is so exciting! I just want to go to the Olympics!”

Page concludes, thrilled about the prospects this opportunity might provide all the students involved, “This is the first time Coca-Cola has ever worked with university students at the Olympics. They are excited about it, we are excited about it. It might even set a precedent for future Olympics.”

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