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Earth Week at TWU

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Langley , BC— In addition to moving their clocks forward, Trinity Western University students Leianne Gunter and Kimberly Heuring are kicking off spring with composting initiatives, bird watching, and the community garden seasonal ground breaking.

Gunter and Heuring are members of the environmental group A Rocha TWU, which is currently hosting Earth Week 2010. Earth Week runs from March 15th to March 18th and features a variety of events open to the public, including lectures, movies, gardening and tree planting workshops, craft sessions and bird watching tours.

Gunter, who serves as the president of A Rocha TWU, sees Earth Week as an opportunity to raise awareness about the environment and provide a way for the community at large to become involved. “It’s sometimes overwhelming to think of the poor state of the environment, but as each person takes steps to decrease their impact it makes a difference.” 

“Living on Earth is like being part of a bigger family,” Gunter adds. “Each member needs to carry their share of the chores in order to reap the benefits.”

Two prominent features of Earth Week 2010 are the TWU composting project and the community garden, which provides a way for participants to reduce one’s impact on the environment while enjoying the benefits of fresh, locally grown produce. Heuring, a fourth year environmental studies major who has been active with A Rocha TWU for two years, also comments that the composting and gardening initiatives help create a community by bringing people to work together on the projects. “By participating in initiatives like the TWU composting project and the community garden, you are helping to create the community that has been all but lost in recent decade.,” she says.

Whether one wants to take on gardening as a new hobby, or is just interested to find out more about the environment, the events running during Earth Week provide opportunities to learn and get involved with others. “The beauty of these projects is that someone can be involved as little or as much as you desire,” Heuring concludes, “whether you’d just like to get outside for a day and volunteer in the garden, or if you aim to compost from home and use it to grow your own organic vegetables.”

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