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Students team up with Food for the Hungry

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Langley, BC—  This June, fourth year Trinity Western University student Daniel Fama will travel to Tanga, Tanzania, where he has visited for the past two summers as a part of TWU’s Global Projects mission program. This time, however, Fama is accompanied not only by his fellow students in the program, but by a large shipment of medical supplies and equipment. 

During previous trips to Tanga, a bustling port city located on the Indian Ocean, students helped with projects in health care, education, municipal government and orphanages. In the process, the students learned of an acute need for equipment to aid in health care, training and education in Tanga.  

“In Canada, we often take access to education, health care and social welfare for granted,” states Fama. “A majority of the world’s population isn’t so privileged, but there are ways that we can serve our international neighbors—which includes all human beings.”

While investigating ways to address this need, Fama learned about Food for the Hungry’s International Medical Equipment Distribution (IMED) program. Food for the Hungry collects slightly outdated equipment from hospitals (seven years or newer), refurbishes it if necessary, and matches the equipment to a list of requirements from a community.

Fama and a team of TWU nursing and pre-med students have partnered with Food for the Hungry to sponsor supplies for the clinic and nursing school of Tanga. The students aim to raise $4,000, which Food for the Hungry will meet, and the $8,000 will all go toward collecting and shipping a container of supplies to the community in Tanga.

22-04-2010-FFH02Langley Diving owner Les Newman is supporting Fama in his efforts. Fama previously worked with Langley Diving. Newman comments about his decision to support Fama and his team.  “It has been suggested that the longest distance ever measured is the 12 inches between the head and the heart.  This project provides a great opportunity for the students to become involved in a community with both their head and hearts. In supporting them, we want to encourage others to see the world in a much more macro sense.”

With the supplies and funding, provided by the fundraising and Food for the Hungry, Fama and this year’s Tanzania team, five other students from TWU’s School of Nursing, will partner with nursing students in Tanzania and start a sustainable health education program in rural villages.

Fama looks forward to his next trip and anticipates how the supplies and equipment will help the Tanga community. “The future of international development depends on the interdependence and cooperation between organizations and communities to work toward the goal of helping others. That’s why I am so excited for our Trinity Western team to partner with Food for the Hungry.”

TWU’s connection to Food for the Hungry goes beyond the upcoming trip and Fama’s fundraising efforts. Five TWU alumni—Mark Petzold, Michelle Palmer, Carissa Youssef, Todd Foley and Shawn Plummer currently work with the Abbotsford organization. As well, TWU campus nurse Michele Regehr recently returned from a relief trip with Food for the Hungry to Haiti.   

Those wishing to support the container shipment can do so by sending a cheque to Food for the Hungry Canada (memo Tanzania project):

FH Canada
1 - 31741 Peardonville Road,
Abbotsford, BC
V2T 1L2

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