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Spartans in South America

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TWU’s women’s soccer team temporarily traded their TWU blue for Athletes in Action red as they partnered with the organization in a trip to South America.

The team spent two weeks (April 28-May 11) in Paraguay and Argentina. Using the phrase, “Better than any Trophy,” coach Graham Roxburgh led the team in organizing several soccer clinics, a five-on-five tournament and another soccer tournament that involved more than 300 underprivileged children.

The team also served in soup kitchens and orphanages, and trained about 80 pastors and volunteers in how to run soccer clinics in their communities.

While the team played in a number of competitive games both in Paraguay and Argentina, including one against the Paraguayan U21 National side, the focus of the trip was relationship building. The trip was an opportunity for many of the players to develop bonds with each other and those they met during the trip. Through the soccer clinics, and actual games, many of the players were able to share their stories of faith with others.

The team also had the opportunity to attend one of the biggest local soccer games of the year, the El Classico, in Paraguay’s 40,000-seat national stadium.

Watch the Impact Athletes video about the TWU women’s soccer team.

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