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TWU professor panellist at Human Rights and Religious Freedom Seminar

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Janet Epp-Buckingham, LL.D., Director of TWU’s Laurentian Leadership Centre, will be one of the four panellists at the Human Rights and Religious Freedom Seminar held on June 21st in conjunction with the World Religions Summit: Interfaith Leaders in the G8 Nations conference. The Seminar is hosted by the University of Winnipeg.

Dr. Buckingham and her three co-panellists—Professor Payam Akhavan (McGill), Dr. Mishakat Al Moumin (Women and the Environment, Washington DC) and Professor Gerry Gall (University of Alberta)—are recognized human rights experts, each coming from a different faith background. The seminar promises to generate valuable dialogue on religious freedom in Canada.

Read the full story on the University of Winnipeg site to learn more about the seminar and its participants.

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