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The Skin of Our Teeth sure to be a wild ride

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Courage. Catastrophe. Pet Dinosaurs. Trinity Western University’s newly minted SAMC Theatre is pulling out all the stops for season opener The Skin of our Teeth, Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy playing October 19 – 30, Tuesday – Saturday 7:30pm, Saturday matinees 2pm.

By turns absurd and profound, the story places the burden of saving the world – repeatedly – on the shoulders of one family that’s anything but ordinary. Between milking the pet mammoth and inventing the alphabet, the Antrobuses have an odd knack for outwitting global destruction. But when the most shocking disaster of all threatens to tear the family apart, history’s most unlikely heroes must decide: Is humanity worth saving?

“Wilder was a pioneer and his innovation in this show is particularly satisfying,” reflects Jessie-winning director Angela Konrad. “Spanning thousands of years, turning sets upside down…The world of the play is delightfully wacky and unpredictable. And then suddenly its rich and poignant themes sneak up on you when you aren’t looking.”

Skin of our Teeth castThe play, which TIME Magazine likens to “a philosophy class conducted in a monkey house,” has been a thrilling challenge for Julie Casselman, who was accepted into SAMC’s inaugural BFA class last spring. After playing Celia in last season’s As You Like It, Casselman is getting in touch with her inner femme fatale as Sabina – the family maid with a hidden agenda. “I’ve never played a character quite as fierce and dynamic as Sabina…she’ll do or say anything to get what she wants,” remarks Casselman. “I love keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. And how often does a person get to snuggle up with a prehistoric pet while relaxing in her own cabana? This show is all surprises and no rules, and I love that.”

The production is aptly timed, comments Konrad, who also chairs the Theatre department of TWU’s School of the Arts, Media, and Culture. “This season coincides with the launch of SAMC and a BFA Acting program unlike any other in Canada. With The Skin of our Teeth, we’re bringing to life an epic tale about starting anew. It’s off the wall, it’s larger than life - even the playwright called it his most ambitious piece of work. Altogether, it’s the perfect vehicle for the debut of our BFA class.”

The Skin of our Teeth features Ben Buckingham, Megan Couch, Julie Casselman, Julia Church, Crystal Dodding, Mark Fleming, Karyn Guenther, Jon Hollis, Lyndon Johnson, Cara Lowdermilk, Daniele Neve, Nicola Prigge, Chris Simons, Danielle Spampinato, Jessica Van Elk, and Sarah Weiner. Rounding out the production team are Assistant Director Clare Arney and Stage Managers Becky MacDormand, Ashley MacKenzie, and Thomas Nelson. Costumes are by Barbara Gregusova with set and lighting by Lauchlin Johnston.

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