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Visa Can’t Buy Me Love

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What if your credit card fell into the wrong hands? What if, instead of taking it on a wild spending spree, the thief bought a mail-order bride and she showed up at your house? The hapless Dan Foster is about to find out what “unlucky in love” means in Bride on Credit, a new romantic comedy that premieres January 31 – February 4 at Trinity Western University.

Dan has a great career and no love life. If he could just work up the courage to tell his best friend he loves her, things might be different. But then his credit card is stolen on a blind date gone wrong, and suddenly a mail-order bride shows up on his doorstep thinking he was the one who ordered her. It’s hard enough explaining things to a starry-eyed “bride” who speaks no English; but matters are complicated by his sister (the pill-popping actress) and his pal Tony (the wisecracking ladykiller). Unless, of course, this shy girl from abroad is actually the soulmate he’s been waiting for…

“We’re delighted to premiere this exciting new work,” explains SAMC Theatre Chair Angela Konrad. “The play was commissioned from senior student Cara Lowdermilk, who won over audiences with her clever comedy August in the Spring in last year’s New Generations festival.”

Konrad pulled together an ensemble of senior students to collaboratively design and produce the show, including Shayna Lorraine Jones who tore up the stage as Friar Laurence in last semester’s Romeo + Juliet. “Dan is a lovable geek, and as his best friend it’s my job to tell him when he’s being an idiot…but also support him through the love disaster of his life,” says Shayna, who recently accepted a position with the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance while finishing up the last of her Theatre courses. “I love the play. I’m so proud of Cara, the queen of comedy. It’s been a treat coming together with this team to conceptualize and build every aspect of the production from the ground up.”

Shayna stars alongside Lyndon Johnson as Dan and Sarah Ruth as “bride on credit” Georgette, with Shayne Findlay, Karyn Guenther, and Cara Lowdermilk. Stage managed by Eleanor Felton, Ian Hengeveld, and Jessica Van Elk.

Playing January 31 – February 4 at 7:30pm with a Saturday matinee at 2pm. Tickets range from $6 to $14 with a 2-for-1 Tuesday and special matinee pricing. For more information and tickets, visit or email

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