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Township of Langley and Metro Vancouver - Regional Development Issue

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Trinity Western University is very disappointed in Metro Vancouver’s attempt to quash the Township of Langley’s recent zoning decision regarding the University lands. We believe that the Township of Langley went through the appropriate public consultation processes, and we are surprised that that was not respected. At this time, the University is working with the Township and the Provincial Government to better understand the matter.

We believe, as do other qualified professionals who have reviewed the matter, that the proposed amendments are consistent with Township’s Regional Context Statement, which in turn supports the Regional goals of building complete communities, achieving compact metropolitan areas, increasing transportation choice, and protecting the Green Zone.

Expansion of Trinity Western University and the enhancement of the Langley community through the creation of a University district has been planned and in development for a decade and has already been approved by the Province through the decisions of the Agricultural Land Commission.

TWU has had a positive relationship with the Township and the Province in its 50 years of operations in Langley. The idea of a University District has been in Langley’s Regional Development plan since the late 1980’s and is perceived as a positive and natural step in the life of a growing University to be strategically connected with the local community and to have the intellectual freedom to pursue the enhancement of knowledge through research and study.

TWU annually enrols over 4,000 students. 19% of these students are from the Langley, Fort Langley and Aldergrove area. 65% are residents of B.C. The remaining 35% come to live in Langley from other parts of Canada and abroad, bringing much revenue to the region.

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