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TWU scores its seventh consecutive A+ in quality of education—this time in “Quality of Teaching and Learning”

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The Globe and Mail’s 2013 Canadian University Report awarded Trinity Western University an A+ in Quality of Teaching and Learning, a category that replaced the previous Quality of Education. The University also received an A+ in the categories of Campus Atmosphere, Student/Faculty Interaction, and Class Size. This is the seventh consecutive year that TWU has received an A+ for its quality of education—something that has not been achieved by any other university.

“Our Strategic Directions document, Envision the Century, places a strong emphasis on educational vitality, on delivering a holistic student experience of learning and discovery,” said President Jonathan S. Raymond. “Seven consecutive years of A+ in quality of education is not a surprise, because we believe that quality matters and makes all the difference in the graduates we produce.  An investment in a TWU education is an investment in quality that lasts a lifetime.”

Areas of study that received particular commendation include Religious Studies, Nursing, Business, Education, Psychology, and Human Kinetics.

In particular, the report highlighted several student comments which include, “The professors are always giving more time to the students than they have to. They’re willing to sacrifice their time so that we can do our absolute best.” Communications graduate and pre-med student Leigh Boyle (’09) recounts her undergraduate experience at Trinity Western as helping her to discover her passion for serving others in the video, “One Journey.”

One Journey - Because of Christ - Leigh Boyle from Trinity Western University on Vimeo.

Among several other improvements this year, students gave TWU an impressive A in the category of Student Residences, compared to the B- it received in the previous year’s report. TWU also received A- to A rankings in the areas of Student Satisfaction, Research Opportunities, Information Technology, Career Preparation, Academic Counselling, Work-Play Balance, Instructors’ Teaching Style, Co-op/Internships, Reputation with Employers, Libraries, and Recreation and Athletics.

The Globe and Mail, in partnership with a consulting company called Higher Education Strategies, annually polls more than 30,000 undergraduate students in Canada, asking them more than 100 questions about their university.

 The grading scale was based on a 1-9 score of satisfaction. 8.2+ is A+, 7.8-8.2 is A, and 7.4-7.8 is A-.

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