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Law Society of New Brunswick approves TWU School of Law

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In a vote of 14 to 5, the Law Society of New Brunswick (LSNB) voted today to approve the Trinity Western University School of Law. TWU President, Bob Kuhn presented and answered questions at the council meeting in the morning, and other individuals and organizations were given the opportunity to present in the afternoon. The final decision came late afternoon by a show of hands.

“The LSNB made their decision after thoughtful and measured expression of views and careful consideration of reports and submissions,” said Kuhn. “The Supreme Court of Canada ruled eight to one in our favour in 2001 to allow our education graduates to teach in public schools, and today that landmark decision has been respected. When legal minds and due process are applied to this difficult decision involving fundamental rights and freedoms, the result has been a balancing of those rights and freedoms.”

The Federation of Law Societies of Canada (FLSC) and the BC Ministry of Advanced Education approved TWU’s School of Law in December 2013. Despite a vocal group in opposition, the Law Society of New Brunswick joins the Law Societies of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and other provinces in upholding the decision of the FLSC to accept TWU graduates. 

“Evangelical Christianity is an important part of the Canadian cultural mosaic,” said Kuhn. “In a free and democratic society the faith of TWU graduates cannot preclude them from practicing law.”

While there are Christian law schools in other parts of the world, Trinity Western will be the first in Canada. By developing legal studies within a framework of servant leadership, the TWU Law program will train lawyers with a focus on community service to give greater access to legal services. Students will be encouraged to see the profession of law as a high calling of service, and to volunteer with local, national and global NGO’s that serve under-developed nations and the vulnerable. The three-year J.D. program will start in September 2016. 

Public submissions to the Law Society of New Brunswick can be read on their website. 

For more information about the TWU School of Law please visit Follow the TWU School of Law on tumblr and twitter

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