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TWU’s Verge Conference explores artistic inquiry as research

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TWU’s School of the Arts, Media + Culture will present its 8th annual Verge Conference on September 25-26, 2014. The Conference theme, Arts + Re/Search, will examine how material, experiential, and performative practices constitute research.

“Arts is often not considered robust research,” said Squires. “But when I was working on my Ph.D. as a composer, I was grappling with ideas through my music, essentially researching as I went along—hence the degree name doctor of philosophy.”

Themes that will be explored in the conference include artistic inquiry as research, arts and scholarship, and the kinds of knowledge generated through arts research. Squires hopes that the scholarship presented at The Verge will both contribute to the ongoing discussions of the importance of such research, and inspire students to engage more deeply in their own work.

This year’s speaker line up includes keynote speakers William Catling, MFA, Chair and Professor of Art and Design at Azusa Pacific University and Dr. Lynn Fels, Associate Professor of Arts Education at Simon Fraser University.

Catling’s work, sculptures primarily in clay with wood and metal, has been displayed in museums and galleries nationally and internationally.

The international roster of presenters also includes some familiar faces: TWU professors Dr. Erica Grimm, Dr. Ned Vankevich, and Loranne Brown; Dr. Chris Morrissey from Redeemer Pacific College; as well as alumnus and doctoral student Richard Bergen; and alumna Dr. Rachel Tracie and her father, TWU Professor Emeritus Dr. Carl Tracie.

Event at a glance:

SAMC Verge Conference

Thursday, September 25

Friday, September 26

Music Building

Trinity Western University

7600 Glover Road

Langley, BC

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