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Students rank TWU among top in Maclean’s Canadian university surveys

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Trinity Western University has ranked among the top universities in Canada in Macleans’ Magazine’s report on the 2014 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC) surveys.

Of the 73 Canadian institutions that took part of the NSSE survey—the highest in the survey’s 15-year history—students gave TWU high marks in the categories of Student Satisfaction (2nd overall among senior students) and Higher-Order Learning (2nd overall). TWU ranked highly in other categories, such as Student-Faculty Interaction (5th), Effective Teaching Practices (4th) and Supportive Environment (4th).

“Trinity Western University is known for its transformational educational experience,” said TWU President Bob Kuhn. “Our caring faculty are not only among the top in their respective fields but also make themselves accessible to students both in and outside of the classroom.”

In CUSC’s survey, students said they were “satisfied with the quality of teaching” they received at TWU (strongly agree), ranking TWU second overall. In addition, students ranked TWU third overall in the category “I feel as if I belong at my university” (strongly agree).

“Our TWU community supports students more than just academically,” said Kuhn. “With our focus on whole-person development, Trinity Western prepares students to deal with complexity, diversity, and the dynamic and changing society we live in by providing them with a broad knowledge of the wider world. We are committed to helping them to develop not only transferable intellectual and practical skills, but also depth of Christian character.”

The Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC) survey is an annual survey with a focus on student satisfaction. In 2014, 28 institutions took part, administering an online questionnaire to a random sample of middle-years students at each school. More than 22,500 students responded for an overall response rate of 30 per cent. Read the full CUSC results online.

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) targets first-year and senior-year students with questions about their university experience. In 2014, 73 Canadian schools and 114,511 students took part in the survey, a response rate of 36 per cent. NSSE is designed to measure student engagement and best educational practices, delivering feedback for university administrators. American and Canadian schools are measured on engagement indicators such as effective teaching and a supportive environment, and high-impact practices such as service learning and study abroad. Read the full NSSE results online.

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