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TWU’s Verge Conference explores connection between arts and the environment

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TWU’s School of the Arts, Media + Culture presents the 10th annual Verge Conference, Thursday, October 1 and Friday, October 2. The Art+ Environment VERGE Conference brings together visual artists, performing artists, poets, and scientists who are passionate about a wide range of environmental issues. 

Topics of exploration include how artists and scientists understand the environment as both home and sacred, and whether the health of our environment is inseparable from human flourishing. Keynote speakers include Liz Ingram, Distinguished University Professor from the University of Alberta department of Art & Design, and Tim Lilburn, Professor and Governor General’s Award winner from the University of Victoria.

Woven through the conference and extending through Saturday, October 3, will be a Sea Change Colloquium with presentations and conversations amongst artists, scholars and scientists concerned with ocean change. The Colloquium will examine how and why the global oceans are changing, and how this change is connected to global climate change. The day brings together ocean scientists and artists, who are convinced of the urgency of the issue, to talk and to collaborate in research-creation projects. 

“The ocean is the placenta of life on the planet, an exquisitely balanced system that exists, like our own bodies, within a very specific chemical and temperature range,” said Colloquium organizer Erica Grimm, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair of the SAMC Art + Design Department. “Human actions have caused profound shifts in the chemical and temperature balances of the global oceans. In my view, there is no more urgent issue than the global ocean change facing us today.”

Event at a glance:

Art + Environment Verge Conference 2015

Thursday, October 1
Friday, October 2

Music Building
Trinity Western University
7600 Glover Road
Langley, BC

Sea Change Colloquium

Saturday, October 3
Free admission

Erica Grimm, Ph.D.
tel: 604.888.7511 ext. 3142

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