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TWU and CLF co-hosting conference for future and current law students

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Faith and the legal profession don’t need to stand in opposition—in fact, seeking justice is a natural pursuit for people of the Christian faith. This is one of the messages of an upcoming legal conference co-hosted by the Christian Legal Fellowship and Trinity Western University Law.

This Saturday, November 14 at the Langley campus of TWU, future and current law students will gather to discuss crucial questions that Christians face in law school.

“Practicing law is a unique calling to serve others,” said Derek Ross, the executive director of Christian Legal Fellowship. “We want to help Christians understand what it means for them to answer that call, and equip them to practice the law with integrity while honouring their faith.”

The conference will help students clarify their expectations of law school, including the difficulties that they may face as Christians. Other topics that will prepare them to excel include the philosophy of law, Christianity and the law, and where Christian students can find support.

Earl Phillips, the executive director of TWU Law, sees the conference as an important step on TWU’s journey toward opening Canada’s first faith-based law school. “We’re working toward having a unique place to study the law and learn lawyering skills from a Christian perspective. In the meantime, TWU Law is doing a number of things such as the Pre-Law Student Conference to prepare the way for the School of Law.”

TWU’s proposed School of Law has faced opposition, and litigation is underway.

The conference’s admission fee is only $20. Expenses are being subsidized by sponsors and speakers.

Students can register online until the day the conference begins.

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