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TWU expert comments on recent Liberty University president's speech

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Listen to Michael Wilkinson's interview with CFAX 1070 on some of the differences between Canadian and U.S. evangelicals. The segment begins at 35:55.

The president of Liberty University, a Christian university in the United States, recently urged students to take up arms to protect themselves against Muslims. This is prompting some questions about guns and their place in Christian culture south of the border. What many people don’t realize is exactly how differently Canadian evangelical Christians think about issues such as politics and guns. Dr. Michael Wilkinson, a professor of sociology and the director of the Religion in Canada Institute at Trinity Western University, says the following:

“When it comes to evangelicals and politics, Canadian evangelicals are less inclined to associate their faith with political issues like American evangelicals. There is no religious right in Canada of any significance. And on gun control, Canadian evangelicals have never, in any uniform way, disagreed with the law. This leads many scholars to identify Canadian evangelicalism as being irenic, that is, focused on working for peace and unity.”

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